gtc Gameday

There is nothing like stepping foot in historic Memorial Stadium for a Husker gameday. 

Whether you’ve been a season ticket holder since you could walk or you’re making your first trip to the Sea of Red, following this timeline on a home gameday will ensure you the perfect Memorial Stadium experience.

Before heading to the stadium: Unless it’s the one designated Blackout of the year, wear your red! Bonus points for a cornhead or inflatable red Husker cowboy hat.

Two and a half hours before kickoff: Gather around the Husker faithful on the east side of Memorial Stadium to welcome the team off the bus and into the stadium during the Unity Walk. This is your one chance to high-five Nebraska head coach Scott Frost, make it count!

90 minutes before kickoff: Gates open at Memorial Stadium. Arriving around this time should guarantee you a good seat, but pulling an all-nighter while camping outside the stadium is always an option for the die-hards.

15 minutes before kickoff: Resist the temptation to fall off beat while clapping along to “Dear Old Nebraska U” and “Hail Varsity.” PRO TIP: Clap along to the steps of the band’s feet and you’ll never get lost!

Tunnel Walk: Turn your attention to the scoreboard for one of the best pre-game video series in college football. As the opening notes of The Alan Parsons Project’s “Sirius” start to rumble through the stadium and the team moves through the Memorial Stadium tunnels and onto the field, it’s impossible not to get chills.

Husker Power Chant: The moment where the other side of the stadium briefly becomes your enemy. Think you’re the loudest side of the stadium? Now’s the chance to prove it.

Opening Kick: Take off one of your shoes and hold it in the air while delivering the classic “ooooooooHOOOOH” as the ball is kicked. Repeat for every subsequent Husker kickoff.

Any time the offense has the ball: Scream for them to run the ball more. Someone nearby will always agree with you.

Any time the Huskers are on defense: Get as loud as you can! If you can still hear the person next to you, you're doing it wrong. “Throwing the bones” by making an ”X” with your fists after a big stop and when the opposing team is dealt with a third-down is also strongly encouraged.

After Nebraska’s first score of the game: Release the balloon you've had tied to your wrist for an hour and a half! (We all hope it’s after a touchdown, but field goals count too despite what the purists say.)  

Halftime: Stay in your seat and watch the band! They learn a new halftime show each week for the next home game. The least you can do is wait until after their performance to grab a Runza.

After the band is done performing: There’s still plenty of time, now go and get that Runza! If Runza isn’t your jam, Valentino’s pizza is a worthy alternative.

Midway through the third quarter: Be alert for hot dogs raining down from the sky as Der Viener Schlinger sends a Fairbury Frank flying toward your section. They taste better after you’ve elbowed at least five total strangers for it.

After the third quarter: Get your 1940s on and sing along to “Come A Runnin’ Boys” on the video board. During night games, grab your phone flashlight to be part of the light show when the stadium itself turns red.

End of the Game: Stand up and clap for both teams as they exit the field. The gates proclaim Nebraska as the home of the “Greatest Fans in College Football.” Respecting the team and the opponent is how Nebraska fans live up to this honorable title.

There’s only seven chances this year to be a part of a capacity crowd as the Huskers take the field in front of a crowd for the first time in almost two years. Follow these guidelines to make every game day count.