I always wondered what happened to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s old items. I figured that the university either threw away or donated their old equipment. I never gave the topic too much thought until recently. 

A few weeks ago, out of seemingly nowhere, my boyfriend was excitedly telling me about the auctions that were coming up. I presumed he meant on Ebay or any other common auction site. It caught me off guard when he told me they were the auctions UNL was hosting. I was confused, as I didn’t realize that was something the university would do.

After looking into it myself, I realized all students should be aware of UNL’s public auctions. The quality items, low prices and reliable sourcing make the auctions a great resource for both undergraduate and graduate students alike.

While not many people are aware of the auctions, I easily came across the official UNL auction website. The auctions do not have to be a secret, as they are accessible to the public and prominently displayed on their own web page. UNL hosts auctions online every few months. The most recent auction being Oct. 12, 2022 to Oct. 20, 2022. 

Before each auction begins, a list of available items is published on a digital flyer. Most auctioned items are various pieces of digital equipment like monitors, laptops and TVs. Computer towers, projectors and audiovisual equipment are just a few things I have my sights set on this session. Though that only scratches the surface of what is and could be auctioned.

From what I have found, items that are auctioned vary from practical to downright unusual. I’ve come across baritone horns, cars and even a “Star Wars”-themed XBOX 360 with games. With hundreds of items listed from a variety of facilities on campus, it is a fun surprise to see what UNL has to auction.

Since not many people are aware of the UNL public auctions, many of the listed items are incredibly cheap. For example, this microwave had a starting bid of $12.50, though it retails for around $90 used on Amazon. These prices are great for college students who want to buy premium equipment while on a college budget. 

The website UNL uses to host these auctions has many convenient features. Once registered, you have the ability to not only bid but set a max bid. If someone attempts to outbid you, your account will automatically bid until it reaches your previously set max. The website also has opt-in notifications, so you can stay up to date on the bids of different items.

Buying from a UNL auction is buying safely too. Under the seller’s conditions, all damages on items are depicted in the lot information. Students will not have to worry about accidentally buying damaged items, as both the website and UNL are reputable sources for selling.

To top it off, buyers do not have to worry about shipping costs, as all bought items are picked up from the Inventory Surplus Warehouse on East Campus. 

The auctions usually are less than a week in length, so it is easy to miss them once they come around. Luckily, the UNL auction page has a subscriber list for email, so anyone can be kept up to date with when auctions are going to be taking place and what will be auctioned.

While this most recent auction is about to close up, now is a good time to look into UNL public auctions. Make sure to sign up for reminders so you don’t miss the next one. 

Alexia Woodall is a sophomore secondary education, secondary English and journalism major. Reach her at alexiawoodall@dailynebraskan.com.