BTS cover for online

Dear students,

Picking up a magazine might be scary — we get it. Creating it was strange, too.

But we want you to know we did everything in our power to make sure we could. Here, we're giving you an online option, too.

Since the middle of March, The Daily Nebraskan has been running an entirely virtual operation in an attempt to stay connected with our readers.

We don’t usually publish regularly in the summer, but we broke tradition this year to provide you with the information needed to navigate these unprecedented times. Additionally, our staff explored digital platforms besides our website, making use of Instagram, Zoom and Twitch in an attempt to break our own norms and cover important topics in engaging ways.

Along with revamping our publication style, our staff members spent their summer gathering information on how this week’s return to campus is possible. Though everything is up in the air, we worked to make our stories as relevant as possible by the time you read this. For example, we’re unsure if fall sports will happen, but wanted to give you a look into how things might go down.

The uncertainty of this semester can be unnerving. The University of Nebraska was quick to push for in-person classes, as the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise. In this magazine, however, you’ll learn how hard the UNL community — your community — has been working to ensure the safety of students and staff this fall.

We’ve been working hard, too. Each year, we run a back to school issue of The DN magazine to help freshmen get a feel for campus and show students what they can look forward to. This year looks a little different. We call it “back to school... in a pandemic.”

Instead of highlighting students and events, we turned our attention to the faculty, staff and student leaders that made our return to campus possible. In these 36 pages, you’ll learn what you can expect from on-campus living and dining, classroom settings and extracurriculars, among many other things.

Why? To show that we are here for you. We are students too; we know the anxieties you’re facing first hand. We are right there alongside you, hesitant to touch every surface and frightened by every cough.

But we believe in the value of in-person education, as well as face-to-face interaction. Additionally, our reporting for these stories has shown how well-thought-out this return to campus is. We know the behind the scenes of the planning, and we think it is important for you to know, too.

While there are worries about coming back, we’re glad to be back with you. Even more so, we’re glad you trusted us enough to pick up this magazine, no matter how scary it may have seemed.

Safe wishes,

The DN staff