As we go into week 13 of the school year, winter break inches closer, but we still have Thanksgiving break ahead. With Thanksgiving comes the infamous Black Friday, which celebrates all the great deals that stores provide for customers to get all their gifts for winter festivities. 

I have noticed in recent years that these Black Friday deals don’t settle specifically on the Friday after Thanksgiving, but instead are advertised days to even weeks in advance. Three days later, there's Cyber Monday, which is centered around online shopping. The deals seem endless, and there are so many items that could be chosen for the special people around you. 

One of my love languages is presents, and I love to give presents equally as much as I like to receive them. However, the older I get, the more excited I am to give gifts to people, which is a complete 180 from when I was a child. 

When it comes to celebrations, I've noticed over the last few years it has become awkward to receive presents. Don’t get me wrong, I love the thoughtfulness behind the action, but it's become more fun to give presents when you don’t have to go through an uncomfortable situation. As someone who doesn't know how to take a compliment and is one of many people who doesn’t know what to do when people sing happy birthday, I get a hit of endorphins when I get to give others the attention I despise at those certain moments. 

I think those feelings of unbearableness correlate with preferring gift giving because as the giver, we feel as though through the action we can re-establish or strengthen our relationships. As someone who loves to make the holidays special or celebrate my friends’ and family members’ birthdays, giving someone a token of my love is better than if the situation was reversed. Giving someone a gift can help us communicate our feelings for each other, and can show the receiver they are important to you, which is why I love it so much. 

I feel that when it comes to presents, you don’t get the same excitement when receiving them because you don’t experience the buildup of anticipation you get when picking something out. Taking time out of your day to not only give the person a gift, but to also take the time to pick it out shows you truly thought about the person. Waiting for a gift from someone is nowhere comparable to the thrill of finding the perfect gift, wrapping it and then waiting for the right moment.

However, giving someone a gift can be difficult, which is why many people may struggle with the process or prefer receiving them instead. I have found that giving a gift doesn’t have to mean wrapping a present up and handing it to someone; it can be other things as well. 

There have been plenty of Christmases or birthdays where I could hardly wait for my family to open their gifts, and I would constantly ask if they wanted to open them early. They never would because they wanted to wait, but I was probably more eager than they were to open them. 

I see this with my parents as well, they get excited to give me little tokens of their love throughout the year. I feel that when you ask people what they want, they usually say they “don't care,” which underscores just how meaningful finding something wonderful for them, without their help, can be. 

My mother’s love languages are quality time and acts of service. It took me a few years to figure out that she didn’t like physical gifts as much as spending time together or me helping her. 

While I do typically get her something for holidays and birthdays, I also go the extra mile to gift her with something we can do together or give her a day of rest while I do all the things that need to be done around the house. The feeling you get from giving someone a present, especially if it’s personalized, is often better than the feeling of receiving one. 

People have told me they question whether what they give someone has any sentimental value, or said they have no clue what to give someone and then end up not giving them anything. It can be hard to find the “perfect” gift for someone, but it's also important to trust your gut and express to the person why you thought it was perfect for them. There is a great source of satisfaction when we see the person’s reaction when they open something, which we don’t always feel if the situation is switched. 

Not everyone likes to receive gifts or even give them, and that's okay. Everyone likes what they like, but understanding a person in a way where you know what they do or don’t enjoy or need can also show you know them well. This understanding can almost be a gift in itself, by showing how much you respect the other person. 

As you go out to save some cash with some great deals this holiday season, remember that when it comes to giving someone a present, it’s about trusting what you know about the person and expressing it. I always remember that even though for many of us it is more fun to give a gift, when a person chooses to give you one they are experiencing the same emotions as you, so show them how you feel. No matter what you give this season, watching the person's face when they open it will be worth the worry. 

Alexis Goeman is a sophomore journalism and ADPR major. Reach her at alexisgoeman@dailynebraskan.com