n-crimelog Alec Gettert

The third week of spring classes saw a slew of thefts, assaults and intoxicated driving at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus, with a handful of cases still unresolved.

A domestic assault was reported in the morning on Friday, Feb. 3, at Harper Hall. Although the person who filed the case declined to press charges, they were provided with relevant resources and a safety plan, according to UNL Police Department Sgt. Joshua Rubottom.

Also on Friday, five separate filings were made for thefts originating at the Campus Recreation Center during a 2-hour span around noon. UNLPD is still investigating the incidents.

Three DUI arrests on campus were reported over the weekend, including two around midnight on Saturday, Feb. 4, and one early Sunday morning, Feb. 5. Students were involved in one of the cases on Saturday as well as the Sunday case, which was opened after the driver was involved in an accident with no injuries, according to Rubottom.

Other notable cases included an assault on a UNL student by someone outside of the university at the Eastside Suites lounge on Saturday night and a minor accident involving a student who was hit by a car turning right at 16th and S streets on Monday, Jan. 30. Rubottom said injuries were minor in both incidents, and in the latter, the driver came to the student’s aid. The case was reported by both parties to UNLPD.