Between Feb. 27 - March 5, the most frequently reported crime to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Police Department was alcohol incidents of the “drunk” category with five reports, according to UNLPD’s Daily Crime & Fire Log

Medical emergencies followed with four reports. Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs and minor in possession of alcohol followed with three reports. Not reportable hit and run accidents, obscene telephone calls, larceny of the category “other or from open area,” not reportable accidents, disturbances, not including domestic or wild parties, and possession of narcotics followed with two reports each. 

UNLPD has received reports of their phone number being spoofed, including a report on Feb. 28 that is now closed, according to Sgt. Margot Nason.The individual who is calling pretending to be UNLPD either tries to scam people out of money or acts obscene. Nason said UNLPD will never ask for anyone's money, banking information or ask to buy gift cards. If students want to verify if it’s really UNLPD calling them, they can always hang up and call the department back.

On March 1, there was a Stand with Ukraine panel and discussion event at Nebraska Union, Nason said. Someone Zoom bombed and UNLPD officers are currently investigating this case, Nason said. 

An individual cut a cable lock around a bike’s handlebars outside Sandoz Hall on March 3, Nason said. They tried riding away on the bike but then figured out that the bike was actually secured by a U-Lock, so they were not able to steal the bike. UNLPD officers are currently investigating this case.