Vandalism, trespassing and drunk driving all rounded out the crime report ahead of the sixth week of spring classes for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

In two separate instances, homeless male visitors to the university were cited for causing disturbances to the peace. One case involved trespassing and public drunkenness on Wednesday, Feb. 22 at the Prem S. Paul Research Center and resulted in an arrest. The other man was caught on camera entering a women’s restroom at the Nebraska Union, and the UNL Police Department is currently seeking his arrest.

Both men were repeat offenders, according to Sgt. Joshua Rubottom, with the former being barred from the university already and the latter likely to be following his arrest. Rubottom attributed mental health issues to the behavior of both individuals and said their presence alone didn’t constitute an offense.

“It’s one thing if you’re an unsheltered transient if you want to go watch TV in the Union; go ahead, it’s a public place, but the moment you start causing a problem is when we get involved,” Rubottom said.

Additionally, a non-UNL student was pulled over and cited for DUI after being spotted driving suspiciously near a parking garage at 14th and Avery on campus.

Destruction of property also proliferated last week. A student was detained and cited for criminal mischief and minor in possession at Selleck Hall early Sunday morning after a community service officer watched them destroy an exit sign. A hit-and-run on Thursday, Feb. 23 near 10th Street and Lincoln Mall is currently under investigation, with a suspect in UNLPD’s sights.