Weekly crime art

A weapons policy violation was reported on Jan. 30 at Breslow Ice Center, according to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Police Department’s Daily Crime & Fire log

On Jan. 30, an individual had a legal concealed carry at the Breslow Ice Center, which does not have any signage that says no weapons are allowed, according to Sgt. Margot Nason. 

The individual did not realize it was unlawful to carry a concealed weapon on school property, even if they have a legitimate concealed carry permit, according to Nason. Nason said since the individual did not know it was a university building, they were given a warning and no citations were issued.

From Jan. 24-30, minor in possession of alcohol was most frequently reported with five reports. Lost or stolen item followed with three reports. Outside police service of the “other” category and alcohol incidents of the “drunk” category followed with two reports. Vandalism of the “other” category, not including graffiti or drive-by shooting, followed with one report, according to the crime log.

A broken water fountain at Abel Residence Center was reported on Jan. 27, according to Nason. Nason said the water fountain was broken off the wall and hanging from a drain pipe. UNLPD officers are still working to see if it was an accident, or if someone ripped it off the wall, and Nason said the case is still open.

UNLPD officers received an anonymous letter about a current UNL student on Jan. 28, according to Nason. Nason said the letter listed some concerns that the sender had with the student and the case was transferred to the state patrol. 

A UNL student reported on Jan. 26 that gasoline had been siphoned from their parked vehicle at the Massengale Residential Center parking lot, according to Nason. Nason said the estimated loss was $20. UNLPD officers were unable to locate a suspect, so the case is closed, according to Nason.

A UNL staff member reported on Jan. 27 that someone had taped the latch of a door at Nebraska Hall, so that it would not lock, according to Nason. There were no cameras in the area and no way to identify a suspect unless someone comes forward, so the case is closed, according to Nason.

On Jan. 27, a UNL staff member reported damage to a door during snow removal at the Devaney Sports Center, according to Nason. There was $4,000 in damages, and Nason said the case is closed.