Batool Ibrahim ASUN Elect

ASUN President-Elect Batool Ibrahim poses for a photo inside The Daily Nebraskan office on Wednesday, March 24, 2021, at the Nebraska Union in Lincoln, Nebraska.

As President-elect Batool Ibrahim gets ready to take on her role of leading the Association of Students of the University of Nebraska, she said she is looking forward to serving the students who elected her. 

After an uncontested election in which each Revitalize campaign candidate won their seat, Ibrahim said they will put students' needs first. 

This was a historical election as Ibrahim, a junior global studies and political science double major, will be the first Black ASUN president in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's history. 

“It just makes me think about the mentors, the professors and the students on this campus that … really set the stepping stones for me to follow,” Ibrahim said. 

Ibrahim grew up in Lincoln, and she is a first-generation Husker and first-generation American. Her parents migrated to America from Sudan. 

She said attending UNL was her goal growing up. 

“Once I got here, I didn’t realize how important and impactful it would be on my life,” Ibrahim said.

Ibrhaim said she first became involved in leadership roles within the university during her freshman and sophomore years. During her sophomore year, she was president of the African Student Association and from that she became involved with the Black Student Union.  

“My sophomore year was when my leadership and my passion for advocacy and justice on campus really grew,” Ibrahim said. 

Ibrahim’s role in ASUN didn't begin until this year when she became a senator for the College of Arts and Sciences. 

Ibrahim said she wanted to be ASUN president because she has so much respect for student advocacy on campus. Every meeting she attends and everything she will do, she will do it with the students’ best interest in mind, according to Ibrahim.

“I believe in students' voices, but second, I want to amplify and uplift student voices,” Ibrahim said. “I want to hear the concerns of different communities on campus.”

Aiah Nour, ASUN chief of staff, said Ibrahim knows the importance of making sure that everyone's voices are heard. Nour said she and Ibrahim have known each other and been friends for a long time. 

Ibrahim does everything for the benefit of students, and Nour said Ibrahim will be a great leader for UNL. 

“Batool has a very grounded sense of who she is in terms of her leadership,” Nour said. “She really is a servant to the communities that she serves and she exemplifies the idea of honest leadership in terms of being a leader for the community, not necessarily just for her or people at her table.”

Ibrahim said she wants to spend the next year as president being a person who students know will be on their side, making their best interests the ones that are being discussed. 

Ibrahim said throughout the campaign, she and the other candidates met with students and groups who represented different identities on campus. The purpose of this, she said, was to find out how she and ASUN could serve them.  

“We went into conversations asking them how we can serve them and not what they can do for us and our campaign,” Ibrahim said. “My presidency will be built on what students need because we are sharing space with them.”