Experience Korea

Members of the Bom Korean Club serve plates of tradition Korean food during Experience Korean Week at the Nebraska Union on Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2019, in Lincoln, Nebraska. The club served meals like Bulgogi, Japchae and Kimchi, all pictured above.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s club BOM will use its focus on Korean culture to guide the university community through the language, food, fashion, politics and celebrations of Korean culture.

The club is collaborating with Lambda Phi Epsilon and Liberty in North Korea in a week-long event called "Experience Korea." The event will be dedicated to daily celebrations of the facets of Korean culture and will take place Feb. 25 through March 1.

“I think getting people to know more about Korean culture is going to support the diversity on campus,” club president and junior psychology major Hee Jin Jung said. “People will gain knowledge and be more open to other cultures when they know more about the culture.”

There are approximately twenty members who come to BOM’s weekly general board meetings, although fifty members are registered, according to board members Minjin Shin, club treasurer and senior broadcasting major; Dajin Park, social outreach chair and junior chemistry major and Jeongwon Choi, social event coordinator and junior textile, merchandise and fashion design major.

As a fairly new student organization on campus, the board said the club collaborates with other international groups for other events to reach out to more people and recruit new members.

The Experience Korea event will allow visitors to experience traditional Korean dress, food and language, according to the board members.

Each day the event will celebrate a different aspect of Korean culture, from learning parts of the language by writing names in Korean to learning about and trying traditional foods.

On Feb. 28, event attendees can learn about the struggles of North Korean refugees with instruction from the Liberty in North Korea club, an RSO that focuses on awareness for North Korean refugees.

The weeklong event will conclude with  music, food and student dance performances in a celebration on Friday, March 1, at the ballroom in the Nebraska Union.

The club’s board members focused on catering the week’s event toward what students were interested in learning about Korean culture.

The club will showcase sorrowful division of Korea during the “United Korea” event on the fourth day, according to the three.

Through the event, the club wants to reach out to people in Nebraska to share the beauty of Korean culture. The board members said they expect to gain interest in Korean culture through the week-long events, and want to reach out to those who want to learn more about Korean culture.