As part of our initiative called Curious Cornhuskers, an anonymous reader asked, "Why does the university charge a $50+ 'service charge' on tuition payments?”

Leslie Reed, University of Nebraska-Lincoln public affairs director, said in an email that there is no specific $50+ service charge on tuition payments. 

Reed said the fee referred to could be a couple of different surcharges, including a Nelnet enrollment fee and a convenience fee for credit card purchases. 

Colette McCurdy, the director of student accounts, said in an email that paying with a debit or credit card carries additional charges when paying tuition. 

“The University of Nebraska-Lincoln accepts debit and credit card payments for student accounts via an outside vendor, CASHNet,” McCurdy said in an email. “This option has an additional 2.75% non-refundable convenience fee, which is assessed at the time of payment, and paid to CASHNet.” 

McCurdy said student account holders must agree to this fee before proceeding with the card payment. 

McCurdy continued by saying students who make payments directly from a bank account are encouraged to use the free e-check function to avoid fees. 

“An e-check allows students to have funds withdrawn directly from their bank account by providing their bank routing and account numbers for an electronic withdrawal,” McCurdy said. 

Resources such as Husker Hub and the Office of Student Accounts are available to assist students and answer questions regarding payment options. 

“Husker Hub and the Office of Student Accounts invite students and their families to contact us if they have questions about payment options,” McCurdy said.