Two-factor Canvas sign-in

As part of our initiative called Curious Cornhuskers, a reader asked The Daily Nebraskan, “Two-factor authentication is now required to sign-in Canvas. How does this work when taking tests in the DLC when you don't have a phone?”

Starting Oct. 5, two-factor authentication became required when logging into University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus services, like Canvas. This requires a student to have a second device to verify the sign in.

According to the Student Policies page of the Digital Learning Center, when a student presents their NCard at the check-in desk, it constitutes as the second factor of verifying a student’s identity. This will allow the DLC computer to bypass the requirement of the authentication program.  

Amy Zachek, the DLC Exam Commons manager, said in an email that the DLC put this system in place long before the university required a two-factor login system. 

“We put this bypass into place when the DLC originally opened in 2016, because we knew that some security-minded students would have already been enrolled in two-factor at that time,” Zachek said. “I’m glad that we had it in place well before the new requirement for all students to verify with two-factor, it made the transition super simple for us.”