ASUN 2021

The Association of Students of the University of Nebraska will meet Wednesday to vote on five senate bills and nine appropriations bills.

The senate bills being voted on include bylaw revisions, sustainability related bills and a diversity and inclusion bill. 

Senate Bill 39, a bylaw revision, was discussed at last week's meeting and will be voted on Wednesday. If passed the amendment would give the president the power to appoint Earthstock co-directors and a Walk the Row coordinator. It would also add Earthstock to the bylaws, making it a month-long celebration of Earth Day to promote sustainability. 

The bylaw revisions would also make the external vice president the liaison to the Homecoming Steering Committee. 

Senate Bill 41, if passed, means the Environmental Sustainability Committee and the Big Red Resilience & Well-Being will hold an environment-themed recess on April 14 at the Nebraska Union plaza. 

“It is important to help students relax in such a stressful time,” Rohan Thakker, ESC chair, said in a text. “Environmental well-being is important and a good intersection between climate change and mental health.”

Environmentally friendly items and homemade playdough will be handed out. There will also be educational games that people can play. 

Senate Bill 42 will also be discussed and voted on. If this bill passes, ESC and the Office of Sustainability will host a Solve Climate Change by 2030 event on April 7 from 5-6:30 p.m. via Zoom.

Senate Bill 43, if passed, would allocate up to $2,179 from the 2020-21 ASUN Green Fund budget to go toward the E-Waste Recycling Project. Additionally, this bill would also enact that the leaders of the project give a report to the ASUN senate following the completion of the project. 

Senate Bill 44 will be voted on. If passed, the Diversity and Inclusion Committee will host an online forum March 30 from 5:30-7:30 p.m.

The forum will feature an open discussion pertaining to real-life scenarios that happen to students on campus. The goal of this discussion is to provide insight into issues on campus while also giving the opportunity for a non-judgemental discussion, according to the bill. This forum will also allow for participants to ask questions and discuss ways to improve inclusion and diversity at UNL. 

The nine appropriations bills that will be discussed and voted on are a result of the Committee for Fee Allocations recommendations for the 2021-22 fiscal year. The organizations that receive funds from the University Program and Facilities Fees, better known as student fees, are split into two groups. Fund A is for student-managed groups and services, while Fund B is for operation and management costs. 

Appropriations Bill 1, if passed, means ASUN will allocate $535,929 from Fund A to itself. It is an increase of $16,697 from the previous year. 

Appropriations Bill 2, if passed, would allocate $8,432,311 to Campus Recreation from Fund B. This is an increase of $101,610 from the previous fiscal year. The additional funds are for increased benefits, pay and health insurance. 

Appropriations Bill 3 would allocate $6,400 to The DailyER from Fund A, if passed. There is no increase in funds from the previous year. 

If Appropriations Bill 4 passes, The Daily Nebraskan would receive $159,602 from Fund A. Like The DailyER, that is the same amount as last year. 

Appropriations Bill 5, if passed, would allocate $210,000 from Fund A to the Lied Center for Performing Arts. There is no increase or decrease in funds from the previous year. 

Appropriations Bill 6 would allocate $1,164,107 from Fund B to the Parking and Transit Services. This is a decrease of $146,880 from the previous year. 

Appropriations Bill 7, if passed, would allocate $7,160,477 from Fund B to the University Health Center, no increase or decrease from the previous year. 

Appropriations Bill 8 would allocate $5,043,508 to the Nebraska Unions from Fund B if passed. This is an increase of $110,464 from the previous year. 

Appropriations Bill 9, if passed, would allocate $281,657 to the University Program Council from Fund A. This is a $2,438 decrease from the previous year. 

The senate meeting will take place Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in the ballroom on the second floor of the Nebraska Union. However, due to social distancing restrictions and limited occupancy, the public is encouraged to attend via Zoom.