ASUN Meeting 4.13

ASUN Internal Vice President Christina Trinh calls role during the meeting in the Platte River Room of the Nebraska Union on Wednesday, April 12, 2022, in Lincoln, Nebraska. 

The Association of Students of the University of Nebraska passed three bills and Jake Drake was sworn in as the President of ASUN on Wednesday night during the weekly senate meeting. 

Drake invited Nebraska Sen. Anna Wishart, whom he knew through his page position for the Nebraska Legislature, to swear him into his position.

“She has been a fierce advocate for issues affecting all Nebraskans and students specifically,” Drake said. “I have looked up to her as a leader in the state and I am honored to have her here to administer the oath.”

After Drake was sworn in, appointments four through eight were addressed and all appointed by Drake. Alec Miller was appointed to the Neihardt Committee, Christine Trinh appointed as Electoral Commission Director, Chrissy Gulseth as ASUN Homecoming Events Coordinator, Emily Hodges as ASUN Homecoming Events Associate Coordinator and Lauren Kruger as ASUN Homecoming Royalty Coordinator.  

Authored by Freshman Campus Leadership Associates Tram Ngo and Xinyi Li, Government Bill 1, Husker Dialogues Revision, passed. This bill makes the event more transparent about what would be discussed, why it is important and allows any student to attend. The event would happen at least once a semester. The bill also asks the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and ASUN to proactively promote Husker Dialogues on social media. 

Government Bill 2, Title IX Reconstruction Support, authored by Sen. Sophia Garcia and FCLA Emma Cavalier passed. This bill works to mandate sexual misconduct and Title IX training each fall semester by putting a hold on students’ accounts for class registration if they don’t complete it. The bill partners ASUN with the Title IX Office and the Registrar Office. If students become uncomfortable with the training, they are allowed to email the Title IX Office and will be excused from the training without a hold being issued on their MyRed account. Students will also be supported and assisted by ASUN with student representation throughout the Title IX process as a result. 

Government Bill 3, Educating the Student Body About Residence Hall Association Policies, which is authored by FCLA representatives Eli Wirth, Kai Waddell and Rachel Heyne, also passed. The bill was described during the meeting as being similar to the Good Samaritan Law. It would address the lack of knowledge of Student Code of Conduct policies surrounding inebriation, finding help for inebriated students and financial penalties resulting from being inebriated. The bill asks for a graphic to be provided to on-campus housing to inform students of their right to call for help if there is an emergency dealing with being inebriated. $67.26 will be provided to print 118 posters which will be hung up in residence halls and apartment-style housing.

After voting on the bills, ASUN went over orientation for new senators. They ended by approving Graduate Student Assembly bylaw revisions. 

There are only two more meetings of the semester. The next meeting will be Wednesday, April 20, at 6:30 p.m.