ASUN’s Internal Vice President Christine Trinh calls roll during a meeting in the Platte River Room of the Nebraska Union on Wednesday, April 20, 2022, in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The Association of Students at the University of Nebraska wrapped up their last meeting of November on Wednesday.

The student body of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln can expect several changes as the semester closes: a new prayer space available in the Union, potential for a new rideshare program, meal swipe donations opening for Husker Pantry and changes to student housing costs for incoming freshmen.

Additionally, ASUN passed legislation in November to require diversity, equity, inclusion and LGBTQ+ training for senators, and to make changes to ASUN’s carbon neutrality policy. 

ASUN President Jacob Drake informed the student government on Wednesday that housing costs would increase for incoming freshmen next year. Drake said that the increase was marginal and “largely comparable to many other big institutions.”

An all-faith prayer space spearheaded by External Vice President Alec Miller has been opened to students this month in room 141 of the Nebraska Union. Prayer materials can be donated to the space at the front desk.

Miller is also working on a new rideshare program for the University, as 475-RIDE is no longer available. The project has been given a $4,000 grant from the university to survey university students to gauge interest in a new rideshare program.

Senator Lucy Peterkin, a member of the environmental sustainability committee, introduced a bill which passed in November regarding ASUN’s carbon neutrality. From now on, the student government will offset their carbon production by purchasing credits from the Arbor Day Foundation to officially make ASUN a carbon neutral organization.

Additionally, students can donate their leftover meal swipes to Husker Pantry for students experiencing food insecurity until the end of the semester. Bins are located outside Herbie’s Markets across City Campus where students can place items purchased from the store to be sent to Husker Pantry. 

Another change came to ASUN this semester — diversity training. 

Senator Renata Cadena, a member of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee, introduced and passed a bill in November that mandates senators complete DEI and LGBTQ+ 101 training within the first 15 days of the semester. Cadena’s bill stipulates that elected officials will attend the training in the fall and appointed members will attend the training in the spring.

ASUN will have one last meeting this semester on Dec. 7 at 6:30 p.m. in the Platte River Room in the Nebraska Union.