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The Association of Students for the University of Nebraska has canceled the Night of Listening event scheduled for Nov. 9.

Originally, the event was set to be a panel including district 46 State Senator Adam Morfeld, district 28 State Senator Patty Pansing Brooks, district 20 State Senator John McCollister and chair of the Lincoln City Council James Michael Bowers.

ASUN’s Chief of Staff Cameron Collier said the cancellation of the event was due to one of the panel members, McCollister, informing ASUN he was unable to attend. 

Collier said that due to the loss of McCollister, ASUN thought it would be best to reschedule Night of Listening when panel members that support opposing political ideologies could attend.

“We plan on hosting the event after the legislative session in the spring, ideally late April,” Collier said. 

The event was intended to “create a space for students and elected officials to share with and listen to each other’s hopes and visions for safe and productive communities in Nebraska and nationwide,” according to a news release.

Each panel member was set to speak and then take questions from students about challenges they face in the hopes of finding a common ground.

Night of Listening is co-hosted by ASUN and UNL’s Student Leadership, Involvement and Community Engagement.