A University of Nebraska-Lincoln accounting graduate student was arrested Friday under suspicion of 29 thefts from lockers inside the Campus Recreation Center, authorities said.

The UNL Police Department arrested 26-year-old Mi Seon Lee last Friday and charged with 26 misdemeanor and three felony counts of theft by unlawful taking.

“As we look at these cases, they involved people putting their stuff in a locker but not locking it,” said Sgt. John Backer.

According to Backer, the items stolen include two laptops, an iPad, clothing, wallets, shoes and purses. Backer said the thefts range from June 2012 to the present.

“Some of the items that we recovered haven’t been claimed or reported,” Backer said. “If anyone has lost something, we encourage them to make a report with us.”

Police said evidence does not suggest Lee used any credit cards, debit cards or IDs to commit identity theft.

A number of the stolen items were found in Lee’s locker at the rec center while the others were recovered from her residence at 831 S. 17th St.

According to Backer, it is difficult to determine what penalty Lee could face because often the thefts will be combined either by instance of theft or by the person. Thefts more than $500 are Class IV felonies and have a maximum penalty of five years in prison or $10,000 in fines.

Lee had posted bail and was released by Monday.

Lee is from Hapcheon, South Korea, according to her Facebook profile.

So far in 2013, 15 thefts have been reported in the Campus Recreation Center, remarked Backer.

Christopher Dulak, assistant director of marketing and development for Campus Recreation, said there has been talk of increasing the number of cameras in the Campus Recreation Center.

“They haven’t been installed yet, but it is a consideration,” Dulak said.

Some students think the Campus Recreation lockers are secure enough.

“I’m not concerned,” said Alec Sindt, a sophomore agronomy major. “I usually check if it’s secure, but sometimes they have some faulty ones.”

Others, like Jocelyn Brown are among those who have had possessions stolen from unlocked lockers.

“It was just a quick workout, and I didn’t have a lock,” said Brown, a sophomore elementary education major. “I had done it before.”

In mid-November, Brown had her coat, wallet and keys stolen from her unlocked locker in the women’s locker room. But a few days ago, Brown said she was contacted by the police and informed that they had recovered the cards from her wallet. She was unsure if they had her coat and keys as well. This was around the same time as Lee’s arrest, but she said she is unsure if there was a correlation.