LUBBOCK, Texas -- A lot has changed in a week for the Nebraska football team.

A week ago, NU was coming off of one of the most humiliating home losses in school history - a 52-17 loss to Missouri.

At that time, the Huskers were about as near to down-and-out as you could see them, considering their quick 3-0 start was quickly soiled with two losses.

Although players didn't say it at the time, confidence was at one of its lowest points of the season.

Nebraska is now 3-3 after a tough 37-31 loss to Texas Tech on Saturday, but the feeling in the NU locker room has changed dramatically.

"It's tough, you never want to lose like this," senior receiver Nate Swift said. "(But fight) is something that is coming out in our team. Everyone is starting to see the fight and determination to finish the game. Everybody is rallying around each other, and (Saturday) it didn't happen for us because we couldn't pull it out in the end."

Fellow senior receiver Todd Peterson reiterated his teammates comments. He said Saturday was a heartbreaking loss, and understandably so.

It was a game where the Red Raiders were expected to blast the Huskers in a similar fashion to the way they did four years ago.

But a weird thing happened on the way to that alleged rout.

Instead, NU went toe-to-toe with the Red Raiders the whole game before finally falling in overtime.

It was a game defined by some key mistakes once again.

NU committed eight penalties for a total of 55 yards, and most of them coming at the most inopportune times.

Although Nebraska saw penalties hurt them like games past, it was the fact that they were still able to hang in against the No. 7 Red Raiders that had players talking after the tough loss.

Peterson said a game like that shows a lot about the team, and possibly of how the rest of the season will go in terms of mindset.

"I think it's a matter that guys need to start believing," Peterson said. "We were all in our hotel rooms watching College Gameday and watched all three guys pick Tech. We take that to heart, but at the end of the day, it's just coming out and playing ball."