Alice Nguyen

Game day is one of the best parts of college, but there is something truly special about a Husker game day at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. With a sea of red heading toward Memorial Stadium and red balloons floating in the air at the first touchdown, it’s hard not to feel a surge of pride for being in a community that is so passionate about their university.

UNL, a Big Ten school, is home to more than 26,000 students and offers over a hundred majors. For students who strive to gain knowledge, experience and relationships with others, UNL is the best choice of college. 

This university offers plenty of beneficial experiences for students, as it prepares them for whichever career path they choose to take after college.

From agricultural studies to elementary education, students are sure to find a path they are passionate about. UNL is also a research-based university, which gives students the chance to put in hands-on work and gain real-world experience that will help them in the future.

Becoming a part of the Husker family allows students to be a part of something bigger than themselves, while still providing opportunities for students to enhance their own personal journey. The feeling of unity is just one reason why students enjoy their time at UNL.

There are several clubs and extracurricular activities offered to students, too. These organizations allow students to form connections and create relationships with others, making campus feel just a little bit smaller. UNL’s Greek system is one way to get more involved, with recruitment occurring each summer. There are also clubs specific to majors, such as Medlife or Sustain UNL, that create a similar environment and offer internship and volunteer opportunities in one’s field of study.

Although there are no beaches or mountains to visit during breaks or weekends, the university’s Outdoor Adventures Center offers several activities, such as camping, hiking and rock climbing. Students can also occupy their time at Morrill Hall, a museum of natural history that walks through the state of Nebraska’s biodiversity, paleontology and more.

While taking a stroll through campus, students can experience the sense of home that UNL provides for so many others. Students can be seen tossing frisbees on the green space outside of the Nebraska Union, biking through the campus’ luscious lawns and beautiful, blossoming trees or studying outside the library. 

It’s hard not to fall in love with all that UNL has to offer. This university has a special place in the hearts of current and former Huskers, and if there is any advice to be given, it is to appreciate the time one has here. Once graduation day approaches, students will realize that UNL was the right fit all along.