As part of our Curious Cornhuskers initiative, an anonymous reader asked The Daily Nebraskan, “What’s up with the potholes on East Campus?”

Potholes can be an annoying and inconvenient part of any commute, and the abundance of faults that can be found on the East Campus Loop are no different.

These potholes can be attributed to numerous factors, according to Leslie Reed, the public affairs director of the Office of University Communication at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

“East Campus Loop is prone to deterioration because parts of it are a heavily traveled bus route,” Reed said. “Construction traffic and weather conditions also have contributed to the concrete spalling during the past couple years.”

In spite of this constant degradation, UNL’s Facilities Maintenance & Operations is making a consistent effort to improve the pavement on the loop, according to Reed.

“University Operations has identified some spots along East Campus Loop and Fair Street where the concrete pavement has cracked, and the university has replaced concrete in several locations during the past two years,” Reed said. “Repair efforts have been slowed recently because of personnel changes and the large amount of construction ongoing on both East Campus and City Campus.”

Regardless of the delay, Reed said that substantial work on the loop is planned for the near future. 

“More work is planned, as weather permits, during the next several weeks,” Reed said. “Concrete slabs are to be replaced at a damaged spot on the North Loop, near the Thermal Energy Storage Tank, and at locations along Fair Street leading to the parking lot north of Nebraska East Union.”

If students notice street damage on campus, they can report it to the Facilities Service Desk at 402-472-1550.