As part of our Curious Cornhuskers initiative, an anonymous reader asked The Daily Nebraskan, “What happened to the room and mural by Dolan?”

On the first floor of the Nebraska Union there used to be the “ladies lounge” in room 141. This space provided a relaxing and inclusive environment for female students. As of recently, it was closed off to the public with little news or information as to why. Brent Freeman, director of Nebraska unions, events and services, provided an explanation to these questions.

“About three years ago, we started having some pretty significant issues tied to that space,” Freeman said. “We needed to do something to refresh it a little bit, as it had been decades since it had last been touched.”

Since the room needed to be renovated, the painting had to be removed from the room. 

“The exact date it was installed we still don’t know, but it was some time shortly after the 1830s.” Freeman said. “Some historians helped us remove that painting and store it correctly. So, for right now, it is actually stored on-site in the Jackie Gaughan [Multicultural] Center.”

Freeman said the mural will not be leaving anytime soon.

“It will end up somewhere on campus,” Freeman said.

For the future of the space, as discussed in an ASUN meeting in November, ASUN External Vice President Alec Miller met with union administration and student affairs about “starting a prayer space in the Nebraska Union.”

Patrick Edwards, senior associate director of operations, affirmed the idea brought forth during an ASUN meeting.

“We got approached by ASUN to create and look at a space for a prayer and meditation space,” Edwards said.

While this plan is in the works, there are still purposes for the room. 

“For individuals and groups who want to reserve the space, they can make reservations at the front desk,” Edwards said.