Amin’s Kitchen and Grocery Store

Amin’s Kitchen and Grocery Store at 850 N 27th St. on Saturday, Feb. 22, 2020, in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Throughout the streets of Lincoln, it is surprisingly easy to get ingredients from all over the world. From Asian to French cuisines, there is a wide variety of small, mostly family-owned shops that house imported ingredients. Because of their relatively low prices and broad selection of ingredients, these places can be ideal shopping grounds for college students. The only challenge is locating them. 

While it may not be possible to find absolutely everything, dozens of small, diverse grocers can be found along 27th street. This area is especially abundant in Middle Eastern ingredients. Listed below are three local Middle Eastern grocery stores, each with distinct items to offer the people of Lincoln. 

Amin’s Kitchen & Grocery Store, 850 N 27th St

Selling pre-prepared dishes as well as raw ingredients, this store specializes in selling products that can commonly be found in Middle Eastern kitchens. What sets this store apart is that it not only sells the elements of cuisine, but it also offers entire meals.

This store also has repeating sales and other promotional discounts for people to take advantage of. Amin’s makes its meals extra accessible by utilizing delivery apps such as Grubhub and DoorDash. 

Almustafa Market, 611 N 27th St

This well-organized store has neatly packed shelves of spices, oils and other rare ingredients. While this store is slightly lesser-known, it also offers items such as jars of grape leaves, rosewater and much more. 

The store is arranged according to ingredient type, which makes it a great place to shop if you need to find your items quickly. However, with such a large selection of unfamiliar items, it is tempting to spend hours exploring the shelves. 

Alfourat Grocery, 1434 N 27th St #1

When one enters this store, they are immediately confronted with overflowing shelves of spices and syrups that could be used when making a Middle Eastern dish. This store is also known for its fresh naan, which can be spotted from the entrance. The scent rolls a thick, toasty fog throughout the entire store. 

Alfourat also offers some produce, such as fresh pomegranates, which are a very common ingredient in Middle Eastern cooking. Along with several selections of fresh fruit, it also sells an array of traditional yogurts and creams. With a large selection, this store is sure to cater whatever Middle Eastern ingredients you could be looking for.