Tech N9ne

The crowd cheers as Tech N9ne performs during his concert at the Bourbon Theatre on Friday, Jan. 28, in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The Bourbon Theatre’s floors were shaking with reverb Friday night during the Tech N9ne Live 2022 tour concert. The concert was sold out, so bodies were packed shoulder-to-shoulder like sardines. The air was sticky, and a sheen of sweat could be seen on everyone’s brow in the dimly lit venue.

The concert consisted of three opening hip-hop artists, and the main attraction, Tech N9ne. He took to the stage at 10 p.m., after much anticipation, in a plume of smoke that outlined his features. 

He wore a ski mask and a shirt emblazoned with a clown’s face, and kicked off his set by raising his arms and spewing the lyrics to “Psycho Bitch.” He finished the song with a robotic dance and took off his ski mask. He straightened his beard and continued his set with “E.B.A.H.” 

The crowd yelled and fist pumped as Tech N9ne continued through his lineup of songs. He played some older songs like “Let’s Get Fucked Up” and some newer songs such as “Like I Ain’t.”  

At around 11 p.m., the crowd started to thin. Tech N9ne called out the lackluster cheers and reminded the audience that he was 50 and still full of energy. That seemed to animate the audience, and they cheered and held up rock-on hand signs. 

Earlier in the night, the artist JaySay took to the red-and-blue lit stage to open the show. He wore sunglasses and a sweatshirt displaying his stage name. His first song, “Papa was a Rollin’ Stone,” was a crowd favorite, and the audience cheered and sang along with the raucous beat. 

JaySay performed a total of four songs. He reveled in the crowd’s attention and made multiple jokes between each number. After he finished his final track, he thanked the audience and the Bourbon Theatre and took a farewell picture with the crowd. 

 Afterwards, Jehry Robinson strutted confidently onto the stage wearing a camo coat and a glitzy watch. His lyrics were quick and the bass was deep. Some songs were more obscure and the audience didn’t know the lyrics, but during his song “On Read,” the audience shouted the lyrics back at Jehry Robinson. He sped through all five songs of his set with no breaks in between. When he left the stage, he thanked the Bourbon Theatre and Lincoln. 

Although concert-goers were impatient for Tech N9ne after the first two openers, Joey Cool stepped up to the microphone after Jehry Robinson as the final opening rapper. The artist captivated the audience with rhymes about inner city woes and past lovers. 

For Joey Cool’s final song, Robinson came back onto the stage and rapped alongside him. 

The crowd was rowdy throughout the whole concert. During Tech N9ne’s set a woman flashed the rapper. He called her out to the rest of the crowd, which prompted more women to flash the stage. 

“She knows how to f****ing party right there,” Tech N9ne said. 

Tech N9ne joked about not being able to continue after seeing so many exposed bodies, but he carried on anyway and finished the concert off with a mashup of his top songs including “Stamina” and “The Beast.”

Then, the lights brightened and Tech N9ne yelled out his name followed by a heartfelt goodbye.

“It feels like an O.G. Tech N9ne show up in this b****. I love being up on this [stage] in front of you all,” Tech N9ne said. “Thank you for f***ing it up through the years, Technicians.”