It’s cold outside, and Grandma Mary always gives everyone a quilt for Christmas, so we might as well reuse it as an acceptable garment for class.

According to last year’s Fall 2022 runway shows, quilted clothing is en vogue for this fall season. Sea New York blessed our eyes with long quilted trench coats and patchwork half zips. K-Way showed off a quilted top and quilted pants combination. TikTok influencers even repurposed damaged quilts to create wearable jackets. Quilted clothing is everywhere.

So, to embrace this trend as it comes and goes, I have put together a couple outfits that are perfect for a study session at the library.

Become a quilt

There’s nothing quite like getting fully immersed in a quilt. So, dress in a quilted top and quilted pants to best recreate this situation. 

I recommend going with a green quilted crew-neck sweater with green quilted trousers. For shoes, go with green quilted boots.

Now, not only will the wearer feel like they're wearing an entire quilt, but they’ll also look super stylish and cozy as they sit in the front row of chemistry class.

Top ‘er off with a quilt

This outfit is for those who want to fall asleep on a quilted arm while in the library, but they also want to have their legs free to do as they please.

Wear a patchwork quilt sweater with knitted flare pants. For shoes, wear something simple like white sneakers.

Finally, grab a hot chocolate from the Nebraska Union, cozy-up to a windowsill in Love Library and pretend to study for a couple of hours.

Enclose the legs in a quilt

Walking to class from a far away off-campus apartment can be tricky if the proper pants aren’t worn. So, quilt it up with this simple fit. 

Wear baggy, patchwork-embellished jeans and a white button-up top. Complete the outfit with red fire sneakers.

Now, walk to a business class and look like a professional on top but still have cozy legs, so the harsh Nebraska winds don’t cause hypothermia. 

Say ‘no’ to nippy toes

Feet are the hardest things to keep cozy and warm without 100 layers of socks. Therefore, bring grandmother’s quilt along for every step on your way to class or work. 

Wear a black one-piece sweatsuit. Then, make the main attraction the sneakers with a pair of patchwork shoes.

This outfit works for those that are a little shy about wearing a quilt or for those with abnormally cold feet — I’m referencing myself here. 

Drape a quilt over the shoulders

As I’ve mentioned throughout this article, chilly winds are no joke. But, classrooms can be super hot. Don’t stress out about having to bring extra clothes when a quilted jacket can be taken on and off according to the varying temperatures of the environment.

For this outfit, wear a quilted jacket with black slacks and a black waffle knit sweater. For shoes go with some furry mules. If a sleeveless jacket is more your speed, wear a quilted vest with the same underclothes. 

When in class, drape the jacket or vest over the seat and give the chair some quilted warmth as all the body’s toxins are sweated out in class. 

Now, next time Grandma Mary visits, she will be impressed with the new duds and the intricate weaving patterns of her grandchild’s newfound quilted garments.