Fashion Show 3.26

A student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln walks the runway during the Global Glam Fashion Show at the Wick Alumni Center on Saturday, March 26, 2022, in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Wide-eyed fashion design students and international student models, all from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, stare down from the banister at the temporary catwalk stationed in the center of the Wick Alumni Center. It was 7 p.m. on Saturday and Global Glam: An Evening of Fashion, Diversity and Community was just getting started. The air was filled with thumping techno beats, nervous excitement and the faint whiff of Chanel No. 5 from one of the many glamorously dressed audience members. 

Natalie Baskin, international student success navigator at UNL and Global Glam coordinator, stood nervously at the corner of the room. The fashion show hadn’t yet begun, but she was busily arranging notecards in preparation for the closing statement she would give at the end of the night. She explained that the main idea of the event was to give every type of student a space to comfortably express themselves and their various fashion tastes. 

“The purpose of this fashion show is to bring together students of all different nationalities, genders, shapes, sizes. We are promoting diversity, inclusivity and community,” Baskin said. “This is the first, of hopefully many, Global Glam fashion shows.”  

The main event of the fashion show happened at the end of the night. International students strutted down the runway while wearing their home country’s traditional dress. Models from Afghanistan, Japan, Bangladesh and India represented just a few of the countries celebrated during the show. 

The international student models proudly showed off their outfits as the audience cheered and whistled. Some models even danced traditional dances as they moved down the catwalk. Long silk dresses in beautiful colors and patterns shimmered beneath the charmingly dim lights. Male models sporting sunglasses and wearing linen pants with various colored buttoned-up shirts also made an entrance. 

Global Glam was also an event for UNL fashion design students to show off their garments. The students usually show off their designs at Omaha Fashion Week, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the week of fashion festivities was postponed for two springs in a row.

The collection of spring-themed designs were intricate. Pastel green-and-pink crocheted dresses and silver and black two piece ensembles were just a couple of the designs the audience gazed upon. The collection consisted of something for everyone with formal wear and streetwear-themed attire. 

Local retailers also made an appearance at the fashion show. During one of the multiple intermissions, items from stores such as Sapahn and Euphoria were raffled off to lucky ticket holders. 

Afterward, designs from the retailers were shown off on the runway. Ready-to-wear pieces such as raincoats and belted multi-colored dresses were just a couple of the garments worn by the models. 

Throughout the entirety of Global Glam, the models had fun. They all walked confidently down the runway and showed off various poses for the photographers. 

The fashion show moved swiftly with only one hiccup during the international student show when the lights completely turned off. The problem was swiftly resolved and the show continued amid a couple stray giggles. 

Mary Lonergan, a sophomore textile, merchandising and fashion design major who modeled junior Rayven Culliver’s martian ensemble, eloquently summed up the night while casually leaning against a column at the front of the building.

“It was a beautiful fashion show,” Lonergan said. “The international students’ clothing was super fun to see and they are all so gorgeous. I hope this happens again next year.”