The Credentials 4.22

Everest Sturdevant of The Credentials performs at The Bourbon on Friday, April 22, 2022, in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The rear main stage at the Bourbon Theater erupted in energetic alt rock on the night of April 22 as The Credentials, Cat Piss and Garst filled the air with the sounds of punk, grunge and attitude. 

The Credentials, an alternative rock and punk four-some from Lincoln, headlined the show to celebrate the release of their second album "Memoria," which dropped on April 15. They planned to play the nine-song record in full.

But, first things first.

Cat Piss, a noise rock trio from Omaha, took the stage five minutes past 8 p.m. to assault the crowd’s ears with a cacophony of electronic jabber and heart-pounding bass. The shouts of bassist Sam Lipsett were barely audible over Nate Wolf's drums and Casey Plusinscki's heavily-pedaled guitar. 

All three members sang during their half-hour set as audience members headbanged and bounced toe-to-toe. As the group began a song about melting down the Golden Sower statue on top of the Nebraska State Capitol to incite political change, an audience member in overalls began to start a small mosh pit that would sporadically grow and shrink over the course of the night. 

After calls for "Gar-Piss" and "We want piss" from the crowd, the trio relented to a quick encore, but not before Wolf had already half-disassembled his cymbals.

Five minutes to 9, Garst, a psychedelic punk band from Omaha, took off with a fast-paced tune that had the crowd energized right away. Cannon Dunwoody’s flipping hair and popping snare drum set the tone for their set. Plusinscki — also a guitarist and vocalist in Garst — didn’t get a break, going for two back-to-back sets. The smell of sweat filled the air as Roman Constantino's vocalizations and Joe Murphy-Chavez’s deep bass had the audience hyped once again. 

Oscillating between up-tempo alternative and slow, groovy tracks, Garst got the crowd into full swing and chatted with them along the way. The band dedicated one song halfway through their set to the new LEGO Star Wars video game and Charles Mingus, a jazz pianist who would have celebrated his 100th birthday that night.

At 9:45, The Credentials got on stage one at a time to start their album release show. "Feel That Now" kicked off their set, where they had intended to play all of “Memoria” before the lead singer and guitarist Everest Sturdevant broke a string halfway through.

"How unfortunate,” he said to the crowd. “On the first song, I broke my string.”

Between that and a misremembered setlist, the band decided to start their set over after five minutes. 

The crowd was forgiving and forever-energetic, knocking each other over and growing the mosh pit. Shifts in the band's tone, thanks in part to bassist Ronaldo Cárcamo and guitarist and drummer Taylor Teichroew, led to waves of jumping, swaying and singing along. 

Sturdevant tossed the crowd a shirt printed with the "Memoria" album cover before shouting out Garst and Cat Piss, as well as the Bourbon Theater and all the audience members before diving into "Your Dream."

Signed and dated beach balls got thrown into the crowd for "Life's a Beach." They knocked over many drinks before most of them settled on stage and to the side of the dance floor. Grace Lundy joined the band on stage for "Somewhere at the Bottom" halfway through the 45-minute set, and Sturdevant was plagued with a second broken guitar string. 

"Man, I got some luck, huh,” he said. Sturdevant powered through the show alternating between two now-five-string guitars. 

Drummer and vocalist Seth Beem let the crowd take over singing the penultimate tune. When he announced that "Your Last Song" would be the band's last song of the night, shouts of "ten more songs" flooded the crowd.

The Credentials complied — only partially — by sending the crowd on their way with one more mosh-worthy track, "Natural" from their debut album of the same name.