Valentine's Day

It’s the day before Valentine’s Day, and it's the last possible minute to decide where to go to make the day a memorable one. If that’s the case, it can be difficult to think on the fly — that’s where this list comes in. Below are five eateries perfect for a last-minute evening full of romance, passion and endless Garden Bars.

Ruby Tuesday, 2700 N Hill Rd.

Don’t want to spend all night going back and forth with your date, asking “What do you want to eat?” Look no further than Ruby Tuesday. The all-American restaurant offers juicy steaks and ribs, filling burgers, and countless other options. Not to mention, the endless Garden Bar boasts an array of leafy greens, toppings and dressings. Valentine’s Day is a special day, so that means splurging on an excessive, decadent dessert such as rich chocolate tall cake or a thick slice of New York cheesecake. 

Vincenzo’s, 808 P St. 

Nestled in downtown Lincoln, Vincenzo’s promises a luxurious round-trip to Italy for all taste buds. Whether you choose a meal of pasta, chicken or veal, the dish is sure to be delicious when the menu refers to appetizers as “antipasti.” Only a place confident in its dishes would use authentic Italian verbiage. Impress your date with this very factual tidbit and end the evening with a mouth-watering piece of tiramisu. 

Hiro 88, 601 R St #100 and 5730 Hidcote Drive 

Hiro 88 is so amazing it needed two locations South and Downtown Lincoln. Now, Pan-Asian cuisine and raw sushi may be a bold move for a Valentine’s Day dinner, but that just supports the “risk taker” and “daredevil” descriptors mentioned in a certain dating app bio. For fish fanatics, Hiro 88 can cater to all your needs via a massive sushi boat. Be prepared to be disappointed in your right swipe and every other sushi you have from anywhere else.

Red Lobster, 6540 O St.

Red Lobster has the power to turn even the pickiest eater into a seafood lover. With multitudes of options including lobster, fish, shrimp and crab, there is no shortage of choices. For those less inclined toward the oceanic cuisine, there are also steak and chicken options. Regardless of seafood preference, one thing can be agreed upon: the Cheddar Bay biscuits are too good to pass up. 

The Green Gateau, 330 S 10th St

Downtown Lincoln is home to many exquisite restaurants, including The Green Gateau. The Green Gateau offers European-inspired and American fare, ranging from pasta and meat dishes to burgers and sandwiches. The cuisine makes for a memorable experience and an elegant night out on the town.