You strive to eventually own a company, but you don’t want any of your competitors to catch wind of these endeavors. You also like to be fashionable and comfortable. You drink black coffee, and you eat a handful of spinach for breakfast. Finally, you really want to wear a blazer to class, but you don’t know how to wear one without looking like you’re a secret service agent or a stock market investor. Don’t worry though, I have some blazer-wearing tips for you. 

Blazers are versatile jackets that can keep you warm in the increasingly falling fall temperatures while dressing up any outfit. If you need even more convincing to try out these shoulder-padded accessories, Vogue even labeled blazers as “great companions for summer’s romantic day dresses and fall’s full midi skirts.”

Of course, it’s always difficult to try out a risky trend when you’re a college student who is constantly surrounded by other students with different opinions on how to dress. So, to make this trend a little less risky, I have some tips on how to dress more casual while still keeping that cool CEO interior.

The pantless look

For this look, you actually are wearing pants, but no onlooker will know that. 

You want to wear a long black, angular-cut blazer with black biker shorts or black jean shorts. Your shorts can’t be too short, but they also can’t be too long. They need to be slightly peeking out from the bottom of the blazer. For the top, go with a black racerback crop top

This outfit isn’t about color. You want to be discreet while also creating a little shock and awe. You want to give the tabloids — that are definitely watching your every move as you glide to an 8 a.m. class at Hamilton Hall — something juicy to write about. An up-and-coming boss lady wearing no pants under a blazer is bound to make even Jeff Bezos quirk an eyebrow and tighten his security. You’re coming for him, and this outfit will be your warning shot. 

The casual broker 

This outfit is all about being casual and quirky. 

You’ll want to wear a graphic t-shirt of your choice. I like something funny or a graphic with a lot of color. Then put on a black blazer and matching black pants. Slacks would make this outfit very sleek, but some jeans could also work. For shoes, wear Nike sneakers with a matching color scheme to the graphic of your tee. Put on some sunglasses and you’re ready to hit Wall Street. 

The after-work dance party look 

I was saving all the color that wasn’t in the last two outfit ideas for this look. This ensemble is all about bold colors and cuts, definitely not something for the faint of heart — I’m looking at you Oscar Munoz, CEO of United Airlines, who suffered a heart attack in 2015.

Grab a neon lime-green blazer and pair it with a clean white crop top and high-rise yellow trousers. For the shoes, I’d go with some red Nike sneakers

Make sure if you wear this outfit you warn everyone sitting around you in class that they’ll probably have to put on sunglasses because you — and your future — are way too bright for the average eyes. 

For someone who drinks whiskey straight up 

This outfit sounds like the clink of ice being dropped into a rocks glass that smells like a collector’s bottle of Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon. 

Put on a sleeveless mock neck black dress that falls to just below the knee. Then put on a white blazer and white KEDs, or for a fancier look put on white loafers. And that is that. 

Make sure to order your morning coffee neat with an extra shot of espresso. It’ll be the perfect accessory to this outfit. 

One for the boys

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about the men. 

For you all, put on a black blazer over a white T-shirt. Pair it with blue jeans and white sneakers. Finish it off with a small gold watch, nothing too flashy. If you’re having a bad hair day, toss on a backward baseball cap as well.

This outfit is simple, yet it gets the job done. The watch tells people you are wealthy enough to own jewelry, the backward cap says you’re fun on the weekends and the blazer says you will one day own a Tesla and you know how to properly iron your clothes. 

At the end of the day, a blazer is like a very good friend. It keeps you warm in cold classrooms, dresses up any outfit and keeps your cigars hidden. Don’t toss the suit jacket fall trend just because you’re worried you'll look too corporate. If anything, wearing a blazer makes you a corporate bada**. Own that CEO attitude and pass all your exams.