This year so far has been a blessing and a curse for the gaming community. For the first half of the year, most of the games were a let down. However, the gaming community stayed strong and was granted a few innovative games that will have people talking for years to come. Along with these, there are some hidden gems that deserve to have the spotlight as they are pushing the game boundaries in their own ways. 

“Have a Nice Death” 

Although this game is currently in early access, meaning that people can play the game while it is in development, “Have a Nice Death” is something I highly recommend trying out. This game is a 2D action platformer, which are games that take place in a certain area where players traverse a level on platforms. Players are tasked with helping Death take back control of his company, Death Incorporated, from the ever-greedy Sorrows. The art style exudes the feeling of a dark cartoon that you would watch on a Sunday morning, and it makes the game stand out from the other colorful games. For fans of platformers, this is definitely worth checking out. Even if you aren’t a fan of platformers, you will still find the story delectable with comedy breaks hidden in the dialogue. 

“Nobody Saves the World”

Nobody Saves the World'' is a dungeon-crawling action game where players start out as an androgynous character known as Nobody. After waking up, Nobody finds a magic wand that lets them transform into different characters. This transformation alters the abilities one can use in the game. This game is truly fun, as it requires some detective work to figure out which transformation you need in order to traverse the world further. You can also upgrade transformations to make them stronger while helping out the people and animals around you. For people who crave a game that integrates dungeons with a twist, “Nobody Saves the World” is a great place to curb that craving. 


Longvinter” is another game in early access and was one I was not expecting to release at all. This game is a mix of the “Animal Crossing” franchise and a shooting game. Now, you may be thinking that the combination of the two game types is a weird mix, but it actually works. Players are placed in a server with multiple different users and are tasked with obtaining supplies in order to build a base and survive. “Longvinter” is essentially a “Rust” and “DayZ” reskinned with cute “Animal Crossing” graphics. This is perfect for people who want to play with friends and experience a game with others who will spare you no mercy. 

“Lost Ark”

Lost Ark” is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, or MMORPG, that was met with high praise when it launched. Although the gameplay is pretty linear, with users taking on quests, defeating enemies and defeating bosses, it’s still fun to see how much effort the developers put into the game design. Players can travel over the world of Arkesia with their customized character who fits into one of the five different classes. For people wanting to kill time and try out a new MMORPG, “Lost Ark” is a great place to start with an intense amount of lore.


Stacklands” is a card-based strategy game where players are given certain cards in order to curate a successful village. Players will be given cards like Berry Bush, where they will place their villager card on top in order to gain food. Combat is instilled in the game, which presents new challenges for players. “Stacklands” is a part of the Sokpop Collective where they release a new game each month for a low cost. So, for those looking for a relaxing game with hints of strategy and combat, “Stacklands” is the game to play. 

Big-name games often outshine some of the more creative and smaller games that deserve just as much praise. These five video games are sure to fit the needs of gamers who want to try something new and at a low cost.