Whenever I think of potential Delta-8 users, I think of actors from “That ‘70s Show” and “Scooby-Doo.” He’s the stereotypical chill dude who loves eating copious amounts of snacks to stave off the munchies. The dude typically has a goatee, and he wears circular sunglasses inside as he stretches out his words and finishes every sentence with the word “dude.” If you see yourself as one of these bros, then get excited because 4/20 is on Wednesday.

April 20 is historically the day to celebrate cannabis. According to Vox, the designated weed holiday allegedly started with a group of teens that lived in California in the 1970s. They would ritualistically smoke weed everyday at 4:20 p.m. Eventually, 420 became a code for marijuana, which evolved into 4/20 for calendar purposes. Thus, the day of celebration was born. While Nebraska isn’t among the states who have legalized pure marijuana use, Delta-8 — a small isolated compound found within cannabis that can be converted into CBD and contains less than .3 percent of THC — is legal. Therefore, don’t be afraid to take a hit off of a Delta-8 pen on 4/20 if you’re into that kind of thing. 

Due to weed becoming more accessible, the usual stoner dress code of a Bob Marley T-shirt and cargo shorts has evolved into much more fashion-forward ensembles. So, whether you have a stash of Delta-8 gummies in your nightstand or you stay far away from any form of the green plant, you can still celebrate 4/20 by wearing some chic garments. 

Feel high and mighty when you wear this material 

You don’t need to be a huge fan of the devil’s lettuce to wear clothing made from hemp. Hemp textiles are created from Cannabis sativa fibers. Hemp is a sustainable material because it takes less water to produce, and it’s very durable so garments made from hemp will last a while. Therefore, if you decide to wear hemp clothing on 4/20, not only are you discreetly showing your support for the stoner holiday, but you are also saving the planet. 

This long green dress would look stylish for 4/20, and it’s made completely from hemp. Pair the dress with some beige sandals and you’re ready to hang out with your best friend, Mary Jane. 

Some dope accessories 

Wearing a shirt with a cannabis leaf print may seem perfect for Wednesday, however if you want to stand out, there are a couple groovy alternatives to the basic logo. 

If you want to play a quick game of doubles out on the tennis court or just look cute for class, you could wear a black multi-colored leaf print tennis skirt. The marijuana leaves are discreet enough that a passerby might think you just really like nature. 

If you want to deck yourself out in leaf jewelry, then this dainty gold necklace is for you. You could also wear this leaf ring, and you will look extra cool when you hold your D8 dab pen. 

If you wear this look, don’t go near a lawn mower

On 4/20, if you’re feeling too cool for school or if you just want to hide your potentially bloodshot eyes — caused by you staring at your computer screen all night as you studied for an exam, of course — then you’re going to want a pair of sunglasses. To appropriately celebrate the plant holiday, you’ll want green sunglasses like these

Then, to appropriately look entirely like a blade of grass, wear a tie-dyed green dress with green sneakers

When you wear this outfit, no one will think twice when they see you scarfing down five hamburgers for lunch at Selleck Dining Hall. The color green resembles lettuce that is on a hamburger, so of course you would be hungry for the grilled delicacy. 

Make your nails loud 

Finally, to top off your 4/20 look, you’ll need some loud nails. While this nail polish isn’t especially colorful, it is named “Faded,” so it’s appropriate for the occasion. You could dress up the nails with some leaf stickers and green nail gems. Pair the priorly mentioned ring with these nails and no one will doubt how cool you are as you pop a Delta-8 gummy in your mouth during the highest day this April. 

Hopefully with these outfit ideas you can responsibly and fashionably celebrate 4/20. Now, go out there and spark one up or maybe even head to the Snoop Dogg concert at Pinnacle Bank Arena.