School is in session and, while you love calculus, you’d much rather be sitting by the pool sneakily staring at your summer crush’s glistening abs. Even though you still get to see your crush — albeit it’s the back of his head — you just can’t stop thinking about summer break and the Dior sunglasses you never took off. 

Summer withdrawals are a normal part of a college student’s life. However, just because your nose will be in a textbook instead of plastered with sunscreen, it doesn’t mean you have to stop looking like you’re fresh out of a summer tourist brochure. 

Pull your board shorts out of your drawer and read on as I help you determine the best way to dress like a summer breaker while sitting in a classroom.  

Cowrie shell necklaces aren’t lame 

Yes, Travis, the girls laughed at your shell necklace this summer, but now the ladies will be attracted to your neck jewelry. It shows off your carefree spirit and that you don’t care about the haters. Slip on a necklace like this and pair it with a white t-shirt, striped shorts and preferably a spiky hairdo. 

You’ll get bonus attraction points if you shoot random finger guns at passers-by. Trust me — it’s science. 

Bikini straps are soooo designer 

All summer long you’ve been trying to hide the annoying bikini tie from poking out of the back of your shirt. Now that you won’t necessarily be needing to wear a bikini for utilitarian purposes, it’s so much cooler to show off that tie. 

To emphasize that you are wearing a bikini on purpose to class, wear it under a neon mesh top or perhaps tie a metallic bikini on top of a white lettuce-edge shirt. Then add a long, black skirt and combat boots to really confuse viewers on what you think the current season is. 

Never fear the flip-flop

Much like the shell necklace, people are very opinionated about flip-flops. In some cases flip-flops are trendy, but they can also be cringy. In regard to going to class when you’d rather be in a cabana, they are more than appropriate. 

If you’re feeling masculine, throw on some black flip-flops with discrete black board shorts and a white t-shirt. Then, place a backwards baseball cap on your head and you're ready to hit the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus. 

If you’re feeling more feminine, wear a pair of forest green flip-flops with matching forest green toenail polish and a green jumpsuit. It’s cool, trendy and it has pockets. 

Sunglasses help you see under the fluorescent lights

This styling tip is for those who like to wear sunglasses indoors. Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of Vogue, does it, and so can you. They also protect your retinas from your bright computer screen and the unsightly fluorescent lights in most classrooms. 

Wear a pair of obnoxiously large black sunglasses with a black maxi dress for the ultimate secret agent look. For shoes, go with black sneakers.

I recommend you do this in the student union or library rather than in class, as sunglasses may be frowned upon by the average professor. 

Visors look cool on and off the court 

Whether you're headed to the tennis courts for a game of doubles or to Selleck Dining Hall, a visor is always chic. It helps keep the sun rays out and the summer vibes in. 

For this look, go crazy with the visor color. The more eye-catching the visor, the better. Wear lipstick that matches the visor and a trendy, neutral-colored tennis skirt, cropped polo and chunky white sneakers. Bonus points if you splurge and buy this tennis ball clutch. 

Hopefully after you slip into one of these summer outfits, you’ll be more energized to start another semester of school. Maybe add a couple energy drinks to your bag and put on some coconut body spray to get the full ready-for-class effect. Summer may be over, but it’ll always be summer in our stylish hearts. Bon voyage.