When people think of video games, they typically think of people playing on their computer or a console plugged into their TV. Yet, there are tons of games that are released on phone app stores each year just yearning for players to download them. With the sheer amount of games available on a phone, it can be confusing to know where to start. Worry not because I have collected a list of five phone games for all types of gamers.


Mitrasphere” is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game, or MMORPG. It is published by Crunchyroll and contains completely original art and a fascinating story. The art for most MMORPG apps resemble an anime artstyle, but “Mitrasphere” adds a darker color scheme and extremely detailed backgrounds that make it completely stand out from its competitors. The story first takes you into Jobari, where Matilda Penthesilea asks for your help to stop her people from turning into trees. This game is great because there are no in-app purchases, making it perfect for MMORPG players who are tired of wasting money on an app. This game is slowly adding more areas as its story is still being developed, and it finds a way to keep enticing players to come back.

“AFK Arena”

If you are anything like me, you have an extremely packed schedule, so dedicating massive amounts of time to a game can be hard. Luckily, in “AFK Arena,” you still earn experience and valuable items even if you aren’t playing. When you do have time to play the game, fighting and strategy takes place on a hexagonal virtual game board you can explore and conquer, if you wish to. The app is set in a folklore-style world with a fantastical design. The story isn’t really the main focus of this game, so it fits perfectly into people’s routine if they are overscheduled and can’t dedicate time to following a plot. I usually forget about this game for a couple of days before remembering I have it, and I always know I haven’t lost any progress. 

“Sneaky Sasquatch”

While players may be turned off by “Sneaky Sasquatch” due to the game being only available through Apple Arcade, this app is truly a delightful and lighthearted adventure game. The game follows a sasquatch as it roams around a campground stealing food and trying to blend in with humans. While it might seem boring, there is much more to do than one would think. You are able to golf, race cars, rent an apartment and so much more. I truly love this game as it doesn’t expect anything from players and also features puzzles that players need to complete in order to advance to the next story line. If you are looking to get away from the plethora of action games in the app store and want a hilarious but exciting story game, I would recommend “Sneaky Sasquatch.”  

“Cookie Run: Kingdom” 

Cookie Run: Kingdom” is a spinoff of the beloved childhood app “Cookie Run: OvenBreak” and contains familiar characters from the franchise. This cute action-strategy game features many different cookie characters to pick and choose from to utilize on your team. “Cookie Run: Kingdom” follows a recognizable style of team-based fighting tactics to deploy through the story. The story follows GingerBrave and his friends on their quest to restore the Kingdom and defeat the villains that appear before them. The developers, Devsisters, know how to spoil their customers by giving away free premium currency almost weekly, making this perfect for players wishing to get away from cash grab games. 

“Shining Nikki”   

Now that the action games are out of the way, I can finally mention a game that brings out the nostalgia within me. “Shining Nikki” transports me back to the fashion icon that I once sought to be in games like “Style Savvy” on my Nintendo DSi. This game caters to the niche audience of fashion game lovers, but I had to mention it for anyone needing something to quench their thirst for a fashion game. This 3D game focuses on collecting outfits to dress up your character to progress through the story. It’s really fun seeing all the different sets in numerous styles, from futuristic to fairytale-like. This game hosts various limited-time events and even has a competitive aspect, where you compete against other players for a higher styling score, out-styling your opponents. While this game isn’t for everyone, “Shining Nikki” is perfect for those who love collecting items in a game, which is both a blessing and a curse. 

It can be hard to rummage through the app store to find excellent game apps, but these five games are sure to satisfy whatever type of itch you have.