The dark comedy-drama series “The White Lotus” has taken over the internet since its release in 2021. This HBO Max original series follows different families vacationing at the fictional White Lotus Resorts, providing strong social satire when the characters give in to their most privileged impulses. 

The two seasons follow entirely different plots at two separate locations along with separate casts, except for the fabulous Jennifer Coolidge, who is in both seasons.

Although Coolidge steals the show, both seasons have a star-studded cast that works alongside her. Names such as Aubrey Plaza, Theo James, Sydney Sweeney, Tom Hollander and many others dominate the screen with their rich characters and spot on acting. The first season follows several different families vacationing in Hawaii while the second takes place in Italy. 

Having two seasons set in such picturesque places, the cinematography and the overall aesthetic is exquisite. Every scene has beautiful scenery but is set off by some tense situation with the characters. The characters are obviously dressed to the nines, which adds to this luxurious aesthetic. All of this is set off by uncanny music and psychosocial dysfunctionality, making the viewer mentally and even physically uncomfortable. Watching these wealthy families seemingly cause their own issues that have dire consequences provides a chance for commentary on the filthy rich. 

This plot has seemingly worked for the creators of “The White Lotus,” as the cast and crew has racked up many awards. The show’s creator, writer and executive producer Mike White took home multiple Emmys, one being the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing in an Anthology or Limited Series. Coolidge took home the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in an Anthology Series or Limited Series, which Plaza was also nominated for.

With many awards and nominations, as well as much talk on social media, “The White Lotus” has been renewed for a third season. Not much has been released about the upcoming season, but many people have been speculating their own theories for the much anticipated continuation of the show.

After wrapping up season two, White made a statement that the third season will focus on “death and Eastern religion and spirituality,” which is an obvious hint at an Asian-set resort. He also mentioned that he would like to explore an entirely different continent, having already filmed in North America and Europe. 

The first two seasons were shot at Four Seasons Resorts Maui at Wailea and the San Domenico Palace. So it is more than likely that they will continue filming at this chain. Following the hints that the next season will be somewhere in Asia, fans have found that there are four of these resorts in Thailand.

Having this season set in such a different setting will give White much to work with, and many are highly anticipating what he will make out of this. Personally, I would like to see White run with his idea of death, religion and spirituality. Death was the ultimate end to both seasons, but little was offered of the effects of this. I think focusing around religion could tie in many different storylines, and White could definitely add his own uncanny spin to this.

It is certain that the cast will be almost, if not entirely, different as the only recurring character between the first two seasons was Coolidge’s character. Having a star-studded cast in seasons one and two makes many think that the next season will continue this theme. 

In the latest news of casting, though nothing has been confirmed yet, actress Jennifer Aniston made a statement that she would love to play the sister of Coolidge’s character. There have been mixed reactions to this, but there are currently no solidified plans of Aniston starring in the third season.

Though “The White Lotus” generally follows a certain theme of power and corruption among the mega-rich, the first two seasons had their own focus. The first season focused on money while the second was centered around sex. Both tied into this universal, long-running theme of how the powerful abuse their power, but they were different in their own ways. 

Although we don’t have much information on the third season yet, the news is still buzzing. After such widely successful prior seasons, everyone is on the edge of their seats waiting for more. What we do know is that whenever “The White Lotus” season three releases, everyone will be tuning in.