There is something therapeutic about sitting in front of my laptop and spending hours creating an intricate playlist. The process of finding music that fits the theme of a book you love elevates the experience of reading and consuming literature. When a writer sits down to write a novel, they often have music that has inspired them, so it creates a full circle moment when I find music that inspires me whilst I am reading.

Once my headphones are connected and I open up a book, the stress of the world floats away and I have peace for just a little part of my hectic day. I believe there is an art to creating a playlist that can encapsulate the emotions of a novel and allows you to reminisce about your favorite books by just pressing play on your favorite music app.

When starting the process of creating a book playlist, picking out a book with significance is the best place to start. One of the first book playlists I made was solely about the relationship between Laurie and Jo from “Little Women.” I chose “Little Women” because it was a favorite childhood book, and I love Timothée Chalamet and Saoirse Ronan with all my heart.

Once you have a book in mind, recalling favorite scenes or characters will allow you to find quotes and emotions that make you think of particular songs. I chose “champagne problems” by Taylor Swift as a song on my Jo and Laurie playlist because it encapsulated the themes of Jo’s refusal to marry Laurie and the fallout of their relationship.

Now, if you want to go one step further, creating the playlist in order of the plot’s progression applies a storyline to the playlist, which is something I do, but I am also crazy. If a plot-based playlist feels like too much, continue searching for songs that evoke an emotion similar to that of the book you chose.

My favorite way to find songs is by going to the Spotify Radio of a song I really like and searching for similar music or even looking to see what music the book’s author was listening to when they wrote the text. Colleen Hoover’s “Reminders of Him” had a playlist at the end for readers to help connect with the main character. When an author takes the time to pick songs that the character would enjoy, I make sure to add those to my playlists to give it the added ambiance.

If the book you have chosen has been adapted into a TV show or film, looking through the score or soundtrack is another great way to add music to your playlist. Alexandre Desplat’s score from “Little Women” is a great example of music that transports the listener into a new world and creates the perfect addition to a book playlist.

Allow yourself to pick the music you like and think fits the tone and mood of the book. I can easily get caught up in whether or not a band is still relevant or if a playlist has too much Taylor Swift (it never does). These worries can bring along pressure to create something everyone will like when, in reality, it is just meant for me. The whole point is to let you recall the moment when you first read a favorite book. I love the feeling when you are so flooded with emotions that you don't know whether to laugh, cry or throw the book across the room, and a book playlist lets you relive the experience.

So, take a moment and find a book that you have fond memories of, whether it is a book you read yesterday or 10 years ago, and open up your music app of choice. Whether the playlist is five minutes or an hour, there will be nostalgia when you press play and are able to relive a story all over again.


News Reporter and Copy Edtor