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The typical college hangout looks a bit different after the outbreak of COVID-19. Instead of gathering at a friend’s house, we’ve been forced to congregate on FaceTime and Zoom. While it’s nice to be able to chat with friends online, it can get tedious when the coronavirus dominates most conversations. 

Luckily, technology also provides many online games to play with friends that distract from the chaos of the outside world. Here are five exuberant online games to play with your friends while in quarantine.

Similar to Pictionary, is a drawing game where each player takes a turn sketching a word chosen from a bank while the other players guess what the word is. A player is rewarded points based on how fast they guess others’ images as well as how many people guessed what image they drew. Witnessing how terrible your friends are at drawing results in laughter all around.

Codenames online

While serving as a physical board game, Codenames also has a free online version. This strategy word game splits everyone into two teams. One player from each team is the Spymaster, who connects as many words assigned to their team's color on the five-by-five board made up of random vocabulary. Going turn by turn, the Spymaster will say one word that connects multiple words on the board. This challenges the players to relate words that have nothing to do with each other.

Evil Apples vs. Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is an adult card game that has seeped its dark humor and taboo phrases into many young adult gatherings. The card game is an R-rated Apples to Apples in the most hilarious way possible. While there isn’t a direct online platform for Cards Against Humanity, there are online alternatives that are pretty much clones. The Apple app “Evil Apples vs. Humanity” and it’s android counterpart “Evil Apples: You Against Humanity!” allow friends to play the game online for free.

TabletopiaTexas Hold ‘Em

Tabletopia is an online gaming platform with over 800 games you can play for free. Texas Hold ‘Em is just one of many you can choose from. For those who aren’t familiar with the game, the online version is a chance to learn with friends. It requires betting and bluffing — if you’re a fan of high-risk, deceitful competition, check it out. Just don’t bet real money.

Houseparty games

Houseparty is an app that functions similarly to other video chatting apps, but there are games included that everyone on the call can play. There’s trivia, the intense charades game Heads Up! and its own version of Apples to Apples called Chips and Guac. These interactive games make it so you won’t have to use two separate devices to have fun with your friends while video chatting.