SAN ANTONIO - Even when Texas was down 22-6 in the fourth quarter, Texas Coach Mack Brown still felt confident his team had a chance to win.Who could blame him? He had Major Applewhite, who had led Texas to two previous come-from-behind victories over Nebraska."I really thought we had enough time, but we still couldn't get enough momentum to get back into it," Brown said. "The simple story of this game was it was a defensive football game with two great defenses, and their offense made more plays than we did. Our defense held their offense much better than it did earlier in the year, but their defense held our offense better than it did, too."In the game, the Longhorns allowed the Cornhuskers to 289 total yards and only 14 first downs. But on offense, Texas only had 173 yards, 164 through the air and 9 on the ground."We said before the game if we can't get more than 100 yards with Hodges Mitchell and we couldn't protect the quarterback and be two-dimensional, we would lose the game," Brown said. "We didn't do either. Our goal was to be two-dimensional. Our plan died."We can make this into a great scheme by them and a poor scheme by us but when theirs whip ours, schemes become less of an issue."Brown pointed specifically to Nebraska's defensive pressure for crippling his explosive offense."They changed their pass rush," Brown said. "They were faster. They had the same guys, but they came harder. I think we made them mad last time. They weren't doing anything different in the game. Their guys ran by our guys or ran over our guys and made plays. The blocks we made last time, we didn't make this time. That was a credit to them."The Longhorns' inability to block Nebraska defenders puzzled Brown."I know we tried hard," he said. "That is the confusing thing. At halftime I was mad, but I didn't know who to be mad at because we were trying, but they were whipping us. Their defense was quick and dominating. It gave us an inability to run the football. Therefore when you can't run and be two-dimensional, we couldn't protect well enough to pass it."Mitchell, who came into the game as the second leading rusher in the conference, finished with 17 yards on five carries. Applewhite also was sacked seven times and knocked around on numerous occasions."If we had to do anything different, the only thing I would tell our guys was to block them," Brown said."Our effort was there. If we hadn't played hard, as good as Nebraska plays, they would have beaten us pretty badly."