The Daily Nebraskan, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s student-run newspaper, is looking for its next editor-in-chief for 2020-2021.

Required qualifications: The position is open to any UNL student who plans to take at least 12 credit hours next year (six per semester) and has a cumulative GPA of above 2.0.

Other qualifications: Applicants must have one year of newspaper experience, preferably at The Daily Nebraskan, and should be familiar with the Guidelines for the Student Press, adopted by the NU Board of Regents (copies available at The Daily Nebraskan upon request). 

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

FORMULATING AND ENFORCING POLICY: The editor-in-chief formulates editorial policy, which represents the opinion of the Daily Nebraskan as an institution. They determine guidelines for the daily operation of the newsroom. Although not involved in every decision made by editors and others, the editor-in-chief fields complaints from the public and represents the newspaper in dealing with those complaints. The editor-in-chief will know and abide by The Daily Nebraskan policies and the Guidelines of the Student Press. 

NEWSROOM OPERATIONS: The editor-in-chief oversees newsroom operations and their coordination with the advertising, and business departments. Before the end of the semester in which the editor-in-chief is chosen he or she determines what positions the news-editorial staff will consist of and hires for those positions (example: news editor, managing editor, sports editor, art director, photo chief and entertainment editor). The editor-in-chief also handles personality conflicts and any other staff problems.

PAYROLL & BUDGETS: Before the new semester begins, the editor-in-chief determines salaries for editors and pay scales for reporters, copy editors, columnists, artists and photographers, subject to the approval of the Publications Board. They will prepare the news-editorial pay roster at the end of each month and coordinates the news-editorial travel budget. 

ADVERTISING: The editor-in-chief will work with The Daily Nebraskan advertising department to market the online and print product. They will also be consulted by the student sales manager on ads that may be considered in poor taste.

EDUCATION: Occupying the uppermost editorial positions, the editor-in-chief plays the role of teacher and gives advice to others on the news-editorial staff. The editor-in-chief should provide critiques of as much published material as possible. These critiques should be posted for other staff members to read.

PUBLICATIONS BOARD: The editor-in-chief reports periodically to the Publications Board on the newspaper’s daily operations.

AWARDS: The editor-in-chief will establish criterion for the Publications Board Awards at the beginning of the semester and see that copies are made available to staff members. 

LIAISON: The editor-in-chief will act as a liaison between the Daily Nebraskan and the community

Interested applicants may apply online or submit a hard copy in person to The Daily Nebraskan general manager, Allen Vaughan.

The deadline for the editor-in-chief application is Feb. 14, 2020 at 12 p.m.

Questions should be directed to Allen Vaughan, 402-472-2588, allen.vaughan@unl.edu.