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Lincoln prosecutors charged three redshirt freshmen on the Nebraska football team this week with maintaining a disorderly house, surfacing from a Sept. 11 party. 

Nebraska linebacker John Bullock, running back Cooper Jewett, linebacker Caden McCormack and their roommate Carter Durbin will go to court on Oct. 13 for the misdemeanor charge. 

According to the Lincoln Journal Star, Lincoln Police Department officers arrived at the house in the neighborhood near 14th Street and Alvo Road at 11:30 p.m. on the night of the party and found that over 50 people were inside and around the house.

Officer Luke Bonkiewicz said in the article that the residents renting the home told police the party was only intended to be a small gathering, but it got out of hand.

Bonkiewicz also said that police had been to that same house four times in the previous months for loud party complaints and had issued a warning to the residents that they would be cited if the problem continued. 

In an email last month from UNL Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Laurie Bellows, associate professor Nicole Baun and Executive Vice Chancellor Elizabeth Spiller, the university adopted new provisions to the student code of conduct. The email said that any student who “hosts or attends a large party may face severe consequences.”

Bullock, Jewett, and McCormack are all walk-ons, and did not see the field during the 2019 football season.