Tyjon Lindsey celebrates after a catch against Wisconsin on Oct. 7, 2017, at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Nebraska offensive coordinator Danny Langsdorf, running backs coach Reggie Davis, offensive line coach Mike Cavanaugh and wide receivers coach Keith Williams spoke to the media following Monday’s practice.


On lack of production in second half versus Wisconsin

“We had a couple of four or five-play drives that we didn’t get anything in the run game,” he said. “We had a couple of zero-yard runs that put us in second-and-long situations. We talked a lot about it today in practice. It was really feast or famine in the run game.”

On keys to success in pass protection

“It’s a combination; it’s not just the line,” Langsdorf said. “The quarterback has to get the ball out on time, the backs need to pick up pressures and the tight ends are involved with protection. The protection unit is really the tight ends, the running backs, the quarterback and the line.”

On quarterback Tanner Lee’s progress

“I think he’s been really good; the last two games especially,” Langsdorf said. “He had some really smart decisions. I thought he threw the ball nicely. He moved nicely in the pocket and stepped up a few times against the rush to make some throws. He’s been solid with all the things we’ve asked him to do. He’s getting more and more comfortable.”

On Ohio State

“They’re very good,” Langsdorf said. “They’re exceptionally fast up front. They’ve got athleticism all across the board. I think their safeties are very, very good. They’ve got good cover guys that play a lot of press.”


On running backs Mikale Wilbon and Tre Bryant at practice

“They were out there practicing today,” Davis said. “They got to run around and do some stuff today and [Bryant] was feeling a lot better, so we’re excited about the progress he’s making.”

On if injuries to running backs change the gameplan

“It doesn’t really,” he said. “It might change how it looks. All the stuff we run and the plays we call, all the guys are good at what we do. They can all do pretty much what we ask them to do.”


On offensive line performance against Wisconsin

“[Wisconsin] is a very good football team,” Cavanaugh said. “I thought we could have done a better job in both run and pass protection. It was really hit or miss with the runs. One play you would get eight and the next you would get one. That consistency in the run game has to be there.”

On Ohio State

“They’re different,” he said. “They’re a four-man front and have some really talented, athletic guys that have really good speed. It will be a big challenge.”


On Tyjon Lindsey’s play

“As a freshman, I don’t really have an expectation level of him,” Williams said. “We just want him to continue to get better and better and he understands that.”

On fixing the issue with dropping passes

[Points to Stanley Morgan Jr. staying late to practice catching with the jug machine] “Just like that,” he said. “It’s about me emphasizing it in practice and them taking that out with them onto the field.”