Nebraska Football vs. Michigan State Photo No. 9

Maurice Washington (28) runs with the ball during the game against Michigan State at Memorial Stadium on Saturday, Nov. 17, 2018, in Lincoln, Nebraska. 

A Santa Clara County judge has signed an arrest warrant for Nebraska running back Maurice Washington III.

Washington has been charged with distribution of child pornography and sending “revenge porn,” according to court records obtained by The Daily Nebraskan.

Nebraska athletic director Bill Moos, in a radio interview Tuesday, said the athletic department is ensuring Washington’s cooperation.

“Obviously we’re looking into it every way we can but it’s a legal matter,” Moos said. “We want to make sure Maurice is cooperating — which he is. We also want to make sure he knows he has a great deal of support. And then really the legal authorities and the whole system kind of guides it from here on out.”

Washington is being charged in connection to a video recorded in 2016, depicting the victim, who was 15 at the time, engaging in sexual acts with two male classmates.

Washington is not in the video nor the person who recorded it, according to the report, but was in possession of the video and sent it to the victim in 2018.

The report states Washington sent the video to the victim, who was a former girlfriend and classmate, in 2018, with a message saying “Remember this hoe [sic].” The victim’s step-mother reported the message to the Santa Clara County Sheriff Department.

An investigator for the sheriff’s department said authorities have been unable to reach Washington for an interview, despite making requests through the University of Nebraska’s Athletic Department and Washington’s former attorney.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Athletic Department released a statement on Monday.

“Last fall we were contacted by the Nebraska Attorney General’s office and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln police department and made aware that officials in California were interested in interviewing Maurice Washington about a prior incident. Details were not shared and there was no additional follow up with the Nebraska Athletic Department. Recently, we were made aware that charges may be filed against Maurice in California. We have not had a chance to review the charges, and will continue to monitor this ongoing legal process.”

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