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Husker football players Corbin Ruth and Riley Moses were cited by Lincoln police for a disorderly house after neighbors made a noise complaint Sunday.

According to Channel 8 Eyewitness News, more than 10 people were present at the party, including some who were underage. Gatherings over 10 people where there is not enough room to appropriately social distance are prohibited in Lancaster County, meaning Ruth and Moses could potentially be issued a pandemic enforcement citation.

Officers had been called to the home on May 7 under a similar complaint, during which they warned Ruth and Moses about the pandemic restrictions, according to Channel 8. Neighbors told Channel 8 the two Huskers often host parties at their home.

The Lincoln Police Department forwarded the report to the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department to investigate whether the two athletes will be cited for the violation. Interim health director Pat Lopez told Channel 8 that prior to this report, she has only issued one isolation order for violating pandemic regulations.