Nebraska Athletic Performance Lab

File photo of the Nebraska Athletic Performance Lab housed in East Stadium by Dylan Widger.

In preparation for a possible Big 10 season, University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s football department has worked with UNMC to develop on-site COVID-19 testing, according to the Omaha World Herald.

On-site testing for student-athletes will take place in  the Nebraska Athletic Performance Lab in East Stadium. Through a contract with Vivature, a student-athlete care management firm, Nebraska has received 1,200 testing kits so far and is soon to receive Quidel’s Sofia-2 Analyzer. 

Dr. Scott Koepsell will be the interim director of a coronavirus testing lab. Koepsell advocates for a two-per-week testing system.

Despite the preferability of holding three tests per week, nasal swabs are invasive by nature and thus the University decided with Dr. Koepsell to only have two rounds of testing per week.

There are no Big 10 guidelines for COVID-19 testing in athletes as of right now, partly because the season remains suspended, but Koepsell believes this testing regime to be satisfactory.