Recruiting season for the class of 2022 opened up just a couple of weeks ago and Nebraska is leading the charge with offers. The Huskers have already offered 259 players for the 2022 class, and that number will only go up as important recruiting deadlines get closer.

As of now, 162 four and five-star recruits make up the bulk of Nebraska’s offers, according to 247 Sports. That’s about 62% of all offers within the class, and almost half of those offers come from four states. Those states are Florida, California, Texas and Georgia.

The states right behind the top four are Missouri, Nevada and Pennsylvania. These states are outside those that are typically within the Huskers’ recruiting wheelhouse. NU recruiting history reveals that, along with offering players from major football hotbeds like Florida, California and Texas, the Huskers stay semi-local and target players from the Kansas City or Saint Louis metropolitan area. 

All Missouri recruits Nebraska has offered come from those two cities while Pennsylvania and Nevada have an abundance of talent that Nebraska wants to bolster its 2022 class. Eight of Nebraska’s 10 offers in the Silver State are four or five-stars while seven of Pennsylvania’s 11 offers are four or five-stars.

As of now, neither state has received this many offers from Nebraska since Scott Frost took over.

To no surprise, California, Texas, Georgia and Florida make up the bulk of Nebraska’s early recruiting. Florida will be Nebraska’s first priority of the four, based on Frost’s time at Central Florida and his early recruiting successes in the state.

Nebraska lost three Florida four-star freshmen in 2020 to the transfer portal, but that isn’t scaring the Huskers from building a Florida-to-Nebraska pipeline. Nebraska has offered 33 Florida 2022 recruits, the most out of any state, and are after defensive players more than ever. Nebraska has offered more defensive players in Florida than offensive players but not to the extent of 2022. The Huskers have offered just one 2022 Florida wide receiver while 2021’s recruiting cycle has seen Nebraska offer 17 Florida wide receivers.

Nebraska is targeting Florida talent on the defensive end. Out of the 25 players offered, 14 are in the secondary — 10 of which are safeties. The Florida safeties stand at an average height of 6-foot-1, solid measurements at a position Nebraska wants to improve as the Huskers have offered 22 safeties in total.

The defensive line makes up almost the rest of the Florida offers with eight defensive linemen. On the edge, Nebraska is offering defensive ends built by speed. The biggest defensive end in Florida that Nebraska has offered, Shemar Stewart, stands at 6-foot-5 and 235 pounds. 

Overall, the typical defensive end Nebraska has offered in the 2022 class has a median height of 6-foot-4 and 235 pounds. On the defensive line, the median height is still 6-foot-4, but weight jumps up to 275 pounds for all 2022 defensive tackles.

The interior defensive line makes up four of Florida’s 25 offers and the most at defensive tackle for any state. At both linebacker positions, Florida comes second with just three offers so far.

On offense, Nebraska is looking to bolster its quarterback depth with a 2022 prospect . Nebraska is split on the type of quarterback it wants, offering seven pro-style and six dual-threat quarterbacks. For wide receivers, Nebraska is looking

The Huskers have offered 26 four or five-star wide receivers and a total of 38 wide receivers.

Two states stand out in the chart above, Missouri and Pennsylvania. Missouri holds two five-star receivers that both come from Saint Louis while Pennsylvania has three more offers.The two states as seen in the first chart have a plethora of talent and Nebraska is trying to grab at least one piece for itself.

At the running back position, the Huskers have casted a wide net with the most offers being in Florida and Nevada. As seen in the first chart, Nebraska has offered eight four-stars who are all from the Las Vegas area and 10 total players.

The 2022 Nebraska recruiting cycle is one that can be rewarding. Nebraska can continue to develop a Florida pipeline, helping put the Huskers into Big Ten title contention. In other states, Nebraska will battle on new ground and getting recruits in states like Nevada and Pennsylvania expands the Husker program’s outreach.