Gaylord jersey

When Gabrielle Union announced she would be the celebrity guest picker for College GameDay in Lincoln via Twitter on Thursday afternoon, she posed a lighthearted question.  

The Omaha native was ecstatic to join the show for Nebraska’s matchup with Ohio State, ending her tweet wondering which Nebraska football jersey she should wear on set.

While the tone of the question seemed playful, the answer became much more meaningful. Nebraska senior offensive lineman Christian Gaylord posted a tweet in return introducing himself and asking Union to wear the jersey that his father wore while watching him play. 

Gaylord’s father, Scott, was one of three men killed in a car crash last Friday. The senior lineman, who tore his ACL prior to the start of the season, said in the tweet that “it would be an honor” for Union to don his father’s jersey on Saturday.

Less than seven hours later, Gaylord received a response from Union. 

“I would be honored!!” Union said in a tweet, asking Husker nation to help make it happen.

Union has been spotted sporting Husker jerseys at Nebraska games in the past, however, this Saturday, her choice of jersey may carry a deeper meaning.