College Football Hall of Fame

College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta, Georgia

College football is a huge part of any sports fan’s Saturday as they try to follow all the action. My dad and I are huge college football fans, so when we planned a trip to Atlanta we made sure we to tour the College Football Hall of Fame. 

I was already impressed when I walked into the College Football Hall of Fame and immediately saw a three-story helmet wall of Division I teams from Nebraska to Alcorn State. It was cool and something that immediately caught my eye. I was then able to select my favorite team and was given an access pass — I picked Nebraska. 

After getting my pass, I went to a room that had an interactive touchscreen the size of a mirror. There were many things to do on it, including picking any player or coach who was inducted into the Hall of Fame. After this, a video played and I was able to learn more about what they did during their career as well as view highlights. I first started off with people I immediately recognized or players I liked growing up. 

I started off with Peyton Manning and Marshall Faulk, two of the best at their positions, because I wanted to learn more about them. I then looked through Nebraska’s Hall of Fame via the access pass. Nebraska had 18 total players including Tommie Frazier and Will Shields. This gave me more information on Husker football and made me appreciate the football program even more. 

My favorite part of the -College Football Hall of Fame was another interactive touchscreen right after looking through the Husker Hall of Fame. The touchscreen allowed you to pick any school you want. After selecting the school, the touchscreen showed how many bowl games, national titles and conference titles they won, in addition to how many awards the university collected. It allowed you to go through time and see how the football team performed in different decades. 

For example, when I looked at Nebraska’s history, I saw how closely matched it and Oklahoma were in the ‘80s. They were either first or second place in the Big Eight at the time, a rivalry that is dead now since both teams are in different conferences. It was also interesting to look at the ‘90s and see the battles between Nebraska and Miami in the national title games. Both teams have not been the same since and are looking to get back to their glory days.

I also enjoyed looking at SEC schools, since most of college football I watch is from the SEC. The best part about scrolling through the bowl games was seeing that a lot of the SEC schools played Iowa. None of the games were close, from Tennessee beating Iowa 45-28 in the Taxslayer Bowl and Florida throttling them 30-3 in the 2017 Outback Bowl. Those scores made me laugh as they show Iowa football is mostly irrelevant. I also looked at blue bloods like LSU, Alabama, Ohio State and Michigan. They had an impressive history and great players that have come and gone, like bonafide NFL stars Julio Jones or Tyrann Mathieu. 

It was also interesting to look at non-Power Five teams like Boise State and BYU because they are constantly good without the best recruits. It showed me that Boise State has not had a losing season in 18 years, which reminded me of the 2009 Fiesta Bowl, when Boise State beat Oklahoma with one of the best trick plays in college football history. I could have looked through this for hours as it was fascinating to look at all the important games each team played in different eras.

This was one of the best exhibitions I have been to and I definitely want to go again. I recommend going to the College Football Hall of Fame for any fan, as you will be able to walk through the storied history of your favorite team.