Practice Notes-Keith Williams

Keith Williams talks to the press after practice on Oct. 30, 2017, at Hawks Field in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Nebraska offensive coordinator Danny Langsdorf and offensive assistants spoke to the media Monday after practice.

Danny Langsdorf

On Iowa linebacker Josey Jewell

“He has got great instincts,” Langsdorf said. “He’s always around the ball. He can be effective from anywhere on the field. He avoids blocks very well and he seems to be wherever the ball is. He’ll be a guy that we have to cover up and not let get too involved. We got our eyes on him. He’s a great player.”

On Iowa being a rival

“I wouldn’t say [this game] is any more important than another conference opponent, but with the vicinity and where they are, I think it’s natural,” he said. “They’ve been a tough, physical team against us. I think it just comes naturally with how close they are that you make sure you get up for that one, but at the same time, we can’t treat this different than any other game. It is special being one of the few games on that day and playing the day after Thanksgiving. It’s a good tradition that we’ve started building with them.”  

On running game against Penn State

“I thought we spread them out a little better,” Langsdorf said. “We got some creases and I think that showed up a little bit more later in the game. Mikale [Wilbon] hit one nice later in the game on his big touchdown run. We gotta have enough guys in the box to cover everyone up, but we also got to be able to spread them out a bit to help create lanes.”

On Stanley Morgan Jr.’s performance

“I think he’s been really good when he’s contested,” he said. “He really showed that last week. He made two grabs where he was tightly covered. He went and got one ball that was thrown about only where he could get it and made a nice catch in traffic. He also made a great one-handed catch for a touchdown on a fade route.”

Wide receivers coach Keith Williams

On Morgan Jr. needing 88 yards to reach 1,000

“That record should be broken already,” Williams said. “He’s left 88 yards at least out there on the field, but he’s a dog. He comes to work everyday ready to get better. He makes no excuses and he gives it his all everyday and not just in the games, but in practice as well. He’s aggressive, wants to get better and has no ego. He’s what you want in a football player.”

On performance of wide receiving corps this season

“Those guys worked hard and they realize it’s a blessing to be a student-athlete,” he said. “They know it’s a blessing to have those two things going on in their lives, that being a college education and football. Whenever they hit the field, they’re read to learn and to play. I expected those guys to make plays because they’re talented and their work ethic went along with that. It’s been awesome.”

Running backs coach Reggie Davis

On effort being a question

“Not one bit,” Davis said. “I’ve got a great room. Those guys come in and are always ready to work. They’re not always happy because things haven’t been going the way we want them to, but despite that they’ve been working hard. I can’t remember a time where I’ve had to tell them they need to practice harder.”

On second half improvements against Penn State

“It was great to see the whole offense pick it up and get some consistency going there in the second half,” he said. “I was extremely happy for Mikale [Wilbon] and to see some of the stuff that he was able to do.”

Offensive line coach Mike Cavanaugh

On game plan for Iowa

“They’re very disciplined,” Cavanaugh said. “They’ll all do their jobs and do what they have to do so we have to all do our jobs. We have to get leverage and we got to finish blocks. They’re very good in their scheme. Their linebackers are very good at stopping the run so we gotta do a good job obviously up front.”