Hunt, LeGrone

Former Husker football players Andre Hunt and Katerian LeGrone were arrested Tuesday night in connection to an alleged sexual assault that took place on Aug. 25. 

LeGrone was charged with first-degree sexual assault while Hunt faces an aiding and abetting charge, according to a KETV article.

The Lincoln Police Department held a briefing Wednesday morning and said its investigation involving the two players and the recent arrests had no bearing on ESPN’s release of information last Wednesday on the university’s Title IX investigation.

The Title IX report, according to ESPN, stated the “greater weight of evidence” supported that the two men “engaged in sexual assault and sexual harassment, in violation of university sexual misconduct policies.”

"The Lincoln Police Department has conducted this investigation as we would any other," LPD officer Luke Bonkiewicz said at the briefing, according to an Omaha World-Herald article. "That is, we conduct objective, meticulous investigations independent of any outside influence or pressure."

The Omaha World-Herald reported that the investigation is ongoing.