Sports Overview Retracted

The last few months were filled with uncertainty about how, or if, the fall sports season would happen. Unfortunately, we got a little too optimistic and published a fall sports preview in our back to school magazine. 

On Aug. 10, we finished our magazine. The next day, the Big Ten officially canceled fall sports, which, well, made the preview obsolete. We won’t get to see the key matchup between Nebraska and Iowa, and you won’t get to watch any of our “athletes to watch.”

However, when sports do start up again — whether that happens next semester or next year — we’re hoping these predictions will still be somewhat relevant, and we hope we’re right about all of them. 

In the meantime, we’ll be doing our best to put out content worth your time, with a focus on multimedia. This summer, we streamed NCAA 14 on Twitch, and we’ll likely be doing so again. We’ll also continue to record our podcast, Scarlet Fever. 

Without sports, writing articles will be a little harder. But we’re still planning on sharing the stories of Nebraska athletes and teams as they cope with an unconventional season. We want to cover the economic impacts of not having sports, how athletes continue to use their voices and what the future of Nebraska sports will look like. 

We’ll definitely miss sports, and we know you will, too. But if you stick with us, it’ll still be a great season.