Iron N

The Iron N banner on display in front of the student section at Memorial Stadium on Oct. 14, 2017 in Lincoln, Nebraska. The Iron N is a student organization that promotes Nebraska's student section and its support for the Huskers football team. 

After a tough 38-17 loss to the No. 9 Wisconsin Badgers, another No. 9 team comes to Lincoln Saturday night as the Ohio State Buckeyes look to deal Nebraska its second straight loss. With cool temperatures, the student body on fall break and Nebraska entering the game a 24.5 point underdog, there was a concern that the fan support would wane for the game.

Nonetheless, the Iron N continued to show up en masse. Despite worries over student support, Iron N members Parker Terry and Noah Robeson were unconcerned and pleased with the amount of support for the team.

“I think it’s [the student body’s support] been pretty solid for the most part,” Terry said. “We have a very loyal fan base and it’s been prominent for the past few games.”

Robeson is no stranger at going to great lengths to get his spot in the front row of the Iron N section. Against Wisconsin, he arrived at the stadium at 1:30 a.m., over 17 hours before kickoff.

“I like getting here early, getting down to this area and getting close to the field,” Robeson said.

With fall break beginning on Friday, numerous students left Lincoln prior to the game, inciting concerns that student support would be non-existent.

“There’s probably going to be a few less people showing up because of fall break and everything, but there’s some people that are waiting to go home until tomorrow,” Robeson said.

With the team’s recent struggles, some fans have turned to expressing their displeasure via booing, but to Terry, what matters at the end of the day is that the student body rallies behind the team.

“We’ve certainly been a little upset and aggravated by it, but that’s something that’s consistent with the performance of the team. We’re still showing up, though, and we still love the team,” Terry said.

Although many worried about there being enough students to fill up the student section for the Huskers’ Saturday night matchup with the Buckeyes, it’s students like Terry that silence the nay-sayers.

“I drove four hours today for this. I wouldn’t miss it for anything,” Terry said. “I love Nebraska, so it’s worth the wait and it’s worth the drive.”