Herbie Husker points at the camera during a football game

Herbie Husker points from the student section during the game against South Alabama at Memorial Stadium on Saturday, Aug. 31, 2019, in Lincoln, Nebraska.

As a part of our initiative called Curious Cornhuskers, an anonymous reader asked The Daily Nebraskan, “What’s Herbie doing when he urges students to point their foam fingers to the sky and yell during a football game?” 

While pointing to the sky, Herbie and fans are chanting “YES. YES. YES,” according to University of Nebraska-Lincoln head cheer coach Erynn Butzke. This chant is a catchphrase from WWE wrestler Daniel Bryan.

Bryan has many mannerisms that create a reaction from the crowd during his matches. The “Yes” chant began after he won WWE’s World Heavyweight Championship in 2013. He repeatedly yelled “Yes” on his way to the ring and after the match.

Since then, the chant has grown in popularity and has been heard in MLB, NHL and NBA games. Some music concerts have also heard this chant.

In 2013, the “Yes” chant began being used at college football games when Michigan State beat its in-state rival, Michigan. When Michigan State player Travis Jackson scored a touchdown, he used the “Yes” chant to celebrate

Throughout the years, the “Yes” chant has made its way to Nebraska and can be heard at every football game, led by Herbie Husker.